Food Evening-Poems on Food @LPB

Food_Let Poetry Be

Date 16-07-2016
Location Atta Galatta, Kormangala, Bengaluru, India
Event description Welcome to ‘Food Evening-Poems on Food’. As is obvious, the theme for this evening is food. Serve your poems hot, cold, continental, oriental, desi, gourmet or simply street. Have fun with it and more importantly, share it! 🙂

We’d like to thank Nithya, Nishan and Sonali for suggesting this theme.

This theme is optional and those who want to do a free reading are welcome to participate.

Event summary

Once again we had Samathank as a co-host along with our regular host Amrutha.

The event started by Sonali and Madhushree performing their Duet.They made us laugh through their singing and a Gujrati line ‘Tame Shu lesho’.

Like, every time, there has been many first timers. Roney Joe described post- aplocypse situation through this poem ‘Tandava’ along with good variation in his voice. Pallavi Goswami recited 3 poems with title, ‘Carmelaized’, ‘Perfect Supper’ and ‘Breaking is bad’. Purnima Gopalakrishnan was also a first timer and her poem talked about food in a very different way. Everyone liked her presentation style and thought process.

Gayatri Ganesan conceptualized her poem ‘Upside Down’ on the lines of ‘food for thought’. Although,Samathank co-founded Let Poetry Be group and he might have recited earlier. But for me, he was also a first timer. He recited a poem on the theme of ‘post globalization’ about a family who migrated from Bangladesh to India post 1971 war.

Jaya Srinivasan was also a first timer and recited in Hindi. Her poems were based on the theme ‘finding identity by a woman’.

We have once again Balu mesmerized through his satirical work. You can read his poem here.
Sarabjeet did not come with his well awaited sketches today, though he did recite 3 poems on the recent events happening around the world.

Dr. Kavita Vyas recited in Hindi. भूख और आस , हाँ मैं रोटी हूँ were the title of her poem. Prashant also recited in Hindi with a poem title आऊं लोट चले and another poem in hindi on the theme of Procrastination. Vidya Mam came after missing few meetups. Her poems अजीबो गरीब, खराशो depicted current situation in the country.

During the break, Amrutha announced details about the upcoming Bengaluru Poetry Festival. She also encouraged us to send our entry for the poetry contest.

Arjun Iyenger recited 2 poems in Kannada commenting on the layers of eating food and the recent escape of a businessman, accused of money laundering. Srividya Srinivasan recited 2-3 quick poems over the thought of food. Sourav Makhija recited a poem with title ‘Aroma is jest’.

Trupti recited a poem with title ‘Losing my weight’ and described how food is acting a culprit in this entire journey. She also recited ‘Fruit’, which was written for last event them ‘Gravity’. Pramod Shankar recited few short poems on ‘odd to sulemani’, ‘chefs pick up lines’, ‘then and now’. His poem ‘Single file’ depicted need of the solitude. But the most amazing part of his recitation was his different take on English words.

As usual, I also got chance to recite my poem ‘Errors During Eating Are Also Genuine’. This poem gathered ideas of strange eating experiences from many people including my mother. Read it and listen to it

In this meetup, we also had recitation in French by Maitrayi Nag. She was inspired from Sanjeev Shukla’s 2 episode poem. In the first part, there was a letter to god in English. In the second part, there was a reply from god in French language. Sourav Gogoi took us into the ocean of emotions and also reflected Newton’s 3rd law of emotions in this process.

As always, let poetry be was full of laughter, fun, and filled with emotional roller coaster ride. It was clear to everyone that, people captured food as an essential phenomenon in building relationships.

(Based on my personal experiences/observations. Need not to be true to the facts)

More information:
Let Poetry Be, Facebook page
Let Poetry be collection of Poems
Event Page ‘Food Evening-Poem on Food’

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