Central Asia: Reclaiming Lost Place in History

What is common in Africa, the Mekong River Basin in Southeast Asia, and Central Asia; Well, all of them are now an important place in global trade and most importantly in global geopolitics. Central Asia due to its vast untapped natural resource is particularly important. After doing a lengthy project and extensive studies, it is visible why it is one of the key places of ‘Belt and Silk Road Initiative’ launched by China. It may not be getting as much coverage as other regions, but the importance of this region cannot be ignored.

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What did I learn, by interacting with people from over 100 countries?

Through projects, consulting assignments, language exchanges, and in many other ways; In past 10 years, I got opportunity to speak to people from over 100 countries. What did I learn? What you can learn? Will it help you some way or other? Read my experiences in a summarized way.

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Event Participation: A Conversation “Thinking Heads : Economic Survey 2018++” between Arvind Subramanian and Nandan Nilekani

Understanding economics in today’s world is much more important to make any decision making. I have read lot of economic surveys with interest. Today, I got opportunity to listen to author of one such surveys. In this event, I listen to ideas of Chief Economic Advisor, Government of India. Mr. Arvind Subramanian

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