Global Marketing

I collaborated with media, academicians, universities, governments, and business organizations to promote ‘Zero Cost MBA’ as an innovative skill development path.

Overall, I communicated with 4000+ individuals, 650+ organizations in 100+ countries.

– Shared this new idea with journalists, institutions, and governments.
(White House, the Government of India, United Nations to name a few)
– Published 40+ articles/blogs on benefits of online learning.
– Collaborated with 30+ researchers to improve online learning experiences.
– Was invited to present my work at conferences in Russia, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, Spain, and Silicon Valley.
– Featured by European Commission, MIT, Harvard University, and various other institutions, media establishments globally.
– Recognised by UNESCO and AASCB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).
– My personal website visited by people from 150+ countries.

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