May Day May Day, There is an Emergency

It is around mid night. We are cruising at an altitude of 27,000 feet above sea level. All people are sleeping but some are just looking behind. You may ask why. Is Michael Jackson’s ghost sitting in the last seat? Or am I so popular that everyone wants to see my smile?

What’s wrong with the people? Let’s investigate about it a bit and change the flight instructions in a different way.

There are 4 toilets in this Boeing 737-800 flight, two in the front and two in the rear. In case of emergency please choose the one where there is a smaller queue of waiting people. The passengers sitting next to the toilets are advised not to use the toilets when there is a queue, if they have any problems change places with other passengers. The use of toilets while taking off & landing is strictly on your own risk. Passengers are requested to help themselves by applying extra force to stop unthinkable happening in the plane and then guide other passenger to do so (e.g. hold your stomach, read the newspaper, divert your attention, look above). Children’s are not allowed to dirty the floor (in case of emergency).

We wish you a pleasant journey & queue free flight. Thank you for flying with us and not using toilets that much! Save water, save environment.

Since I am sitting in the back seat which is closer to the rear toilet, I can easily understand what people are trying to look in the back side. Are you amongst those who are looking behind?

Don’t kill me if you are one of those, it is just for fun.

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