Investor Depository Meeting


Before this event, I have attended some of the company annual reports declaration meetings (webinars). This event was organized in my city and with close links to stock market, could be interesting to my project. The event also involved talks about taxation when investing, opening the DMAT account and how the market transfer works in those account.

Organized by NSDL (National Securities Deposits Services Limited) which was actually custody values of the holders. The delegates of this organization talked about value added services, direct facilities to commodities (WR) how to do money transfer in DMAT accounts.

I was the youngest person among the participants with almost everyone in their 50’s. Almost all of them were investors with many years of experiences, wanted to understand the online investing. Many of them asked questions about DMAT account, mutual funds, ability to view tax information online. There has been lot of talk about FORM 26AS, FORM 16C and how they work in relation to taxation system. These two forms are very common in Indian taxation system and knowing more about them enhanced my knowledge about this area.

Many people do not invest directly, but rather through different agents. One of the interesting aspect of this seminar was clearly highlighting some of the key aspects, an investor need to remember when 3rd parties (agents) are involved. Keeping in mind the age of participants, there has been discussion on pension funds and linkage with tax policies, investments.

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