Life Cycle Assessment of GN Netcom Headset

This report is the first iteration in the course 42373 “Life Cycle Assessment of Products and Systems” at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The report has been made in the fall semester 2010 at DTU Management Engineering and represents an academic work of 10 ECTS points.
The Life Cycle Assessment is conducted in collaboration with GN Netcom.
The objective of the study is to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment of a wireless headset from GN Netcom. The goal of the LCA is to perform an environmental diagnosis, with emphasis on carbon footprint. A study of a new GN Netcom headset, which is currently under development, has been carried out. The aim of the study was to identify environmental hot spots during the products life cycle. A life cycle assessment (LCA) has been performed in order to fulfill this goal. The process has been based on the EDIP method and the modelling of the product system was done in the GaBi software. A baseline scenario is used for the modelling and for the sensitivity analysis, a number of scenarios have been analyzed.


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