India-Future of Change

India-future of change

The Initiative
In a world that is fast globalizing and is supercharged with information, it calls for innovative efforts on behalf of the change leaders to look, sound and feel different. ‘INDIA – Future of Change’ is one such effort that seeks to emphasize India’s position as a catalyst of change.
INDIA Future of Change is a five-year initiative that promises to take India to the world, and get students and professionals across geographies to compete, collaborate and co-create
a better future for all of us… Read more on website here

As part of the initiative, different competitions have been organized (business, design, visual art, essay, photography). I have taken part in 2 of them.

  • Essay competition

    Out of the 5 themes, I have participated in “What opportunities are there for the next wave of India’s entrepreneurs to help the country combat climate change?”

    Unfortunately, I lost the soft copy of my entry into this competition

  • Photography competition

    Photos in the competition… coming soon

    India-Future of Change! Homepage
    Essay competition
    Photography Competition

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