End of Unipolarity: Era of Multipolarity? -1

‘The era of a unipolar world is over. The future is going to be multipolar’. Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been pushing this idea for the last couple of months. Initially hesitant, it looks like many countries are taking an active interest in his idea. Whether it will be a multipolar world or something else, it will definitely not going to be the same. Judging by the growing tensions between Russia & the west which has pulled whole world into it, will it be the start of a new cold war phase? Or will it be something else? In a series of blog posts, I will try to present my view point on this changing world order.

But first, let’s try to understand what is a multipolar world order? 

It simply means the power distribution is no longer confined to a select few nations and a balance is achieved with multiple power centers exists balancing each other. Centuries ago, such a distribution did exist among European powers when they colonized the planet. They did not compete with each other in specific regions thereby balancing each other’s influence. Post World War 2, the world was in bipolar mode with the Soviet Union at one side counterbalancing the collective west on the other side. It worked effectively till the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. 

Since then, most of the authors believe that we have been living in a unipolar world led by the United States of America. No challenging power developed for the next 3 decades until the rise of China. Lately, other regional players like India, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Mexico are trying to get more important roles in the global sphere. At a regional level, all of them have the potential to influence their surrounding. But do they have the potential to exert their dominance beyond their regional boundaries? What will it entails for the existing world order?

I will present this analysis in my coming blog posts. 


Special thanks to Pepe Escobar, Duran (Alexander Mercouris & Alex Christoforou), Gonzalo Lira, and Brian Berletic of the New Atlas for providing an alternative view of geopolitics. Their channels are listed below.


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