Think about Shanghai – What comes in your mind?

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

Every city in the world has some sense of unique identity developed over the period of time. It can be ancient style of architecture, newly created buildings or innovative usage of space. These identities define the cities and their residents. While walking today, I was thinking a bit on this aspect and need your input on it.

Think about London, what comes in your mind? I guess, it is the famous tower bridge or newly created crystal ball. Some might say about the museum, where wax statues are made and stored. For others, it can be Heath row airport or London metro.

Think about New York and you will immediately start imaging Statue of Liberty in your mind. For others, it can famous Times Square or Brooklyn Bridge.

Think about Paris, and I doubt if you think anything other than Eiffel Tower.

There can be many such examples in the world about the cities and our imagination about them. With a curious person to know more about China. I tried to think same about Shanghai and somehow I could not get much. I could imagine Yangtze river and city sprawling across it. But what are the other places? Can you guess something?

So give a 2 minute thought. Think about Shanghai- what comes in your mind? and help me to visualize this city better.

(Appeared in The China Daily Blog Forum, Date 06-05-2014)

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