How is it like to be a consultant? Event by Quartz+Co

Photo credit: Quartz+Co

Photo credit: Quartz+Co

Event experience

The event gave me very much insight on how generally consultant work. After the event, I realized that it is not so much difficult to become a consultant, it is all about solving a problem which as an engineer, I learn it very well. Rest all is the dynamic pace of business environment and quick decision making based on the requirements from the industry and economic environment conditions.

In this event, we were able to talk with the real consultants, what kind of work they do and how they are able to solve complex problem. In this event, they have also described the Vestas case on improving the productivity of many people. How they were able to improve their sales using the disruptive innovation technology.

I felt very confident that consulting is not a difficult thing, just that someone needs to have a peace of mind in understanding problems, use available information and understand how to maximize outcome.

Event description
Do you want to know more about the world of consulting and how we work together with our clients to create value and succes in our projects? Hear more about our work with Vestas, what it is like to be a consultant at Quartz+Co and what we have to offer.

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