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Written articles on education, management, intercultural working, and history.
– Education columnist at The Hindustan Times.
– Interviewed prominent people like Danish Minister, German Parliament member for
column in The Times of India.
The Times of India Contributor Profile

Ankit Khandelwal, The Times of India, Contributor Profile

Published Interviews

edX is gaining popularity in India: Anant Agarwal, President, edX, 05.03.2014
Make a work list to manage your time efficiently: Pankaj Ghemawat, 06.11.2013
It is not just about reaching the top, it is also important to maintain it: Ashok Bajaj, 10.09.2013
Be choosy about choosing: Sheena S Iyenger, 03.06.2013
Future is now: Prof Vijay Govindarajan, 22.04.2013
A good researcher is just like an entrepreneur: Prof Shrinivas Ramchandra Kulkarni, 18.03.2013
Make the right choice and then it’s all about hard work and ambition: Nirmalya Kumar, 21.02.2013
Travelling helps in self-discovery: Meena Alexander, 11.02.2013
Keep going and stay true to your original impulse: Tabish Khair, 11.01.2013
Never impose limits on your creative goals: Dr Amit Goswami, 04.12.2012
A good journalist must dare to challenge conventional wisdom: Asra Q Nomani, 15.11.2012
It’s important to keep asking questions: CERN scientist Archana Sharma, 09.10.2012
Follow your passion, rewards will come: Lata Pada, 09.08.2012
Do what you love and love what you do: Mahirwan Mamtani, 14.06.2012
I want Indian youth to be ‘SMART’: Rajagopal, 04.06.2012
I think as a German but feel as an Indian: Raju Sharma, 18.05.2012
I feel honoured representing both Denmark and India: Manu Sareen, 03.02.2012
– Cultural understanding at The Copenhagen Post, The China Daily, Danish Cultural Institute,
China Radio International, Russian Radio International, Cultural Voice(Jamaica).
– Articles on history at S28(Italy), and public policy at The Diplomatic Insight(Pakistan).