My entrepreneurial journey can be divided into 2 phase.

Phase 1:
I worked as a book-keeper, storage manager, and salesman in my family businesses. It was during early school days. Occasionally, I also managed a small team of employees in day to day operations.

Phase 2
Started in 2011. Since then, I consulted to start-ups, small/medium scale industries on performance improvement, increasing sales, and entry into new markets. My clients were based in different regions of the world.

Sectors: agriculture, FMCG, energy, education, and chemical industries.

Major projects:

– Overhauled supply chain, developed size standardization tool to boost profit by 40% of a Mexican Agricultural Farm.
– Successfully trained Indian start-ups employees to work with European businesses.
– Advised on interactive user-centered content development to educational start-ups in India, Canada, USA, and Israel.
– Advised a think-tank on geopolitics (political stability, risk, investment opportunity) of Central Asia.
– Analyzed shopping habits and helped a Japanese MNC’s marketing plan for India.

– Planned expansion to India, Southeast Asia markets to a South America based firm.

– Agricultural coordinator of the African Youth Movement, Sierra Leone.
– Fundraising advisor to NGOs in Nigeria, Swaziland, and Somalia.

– Advised on achieving sustainable goals in accordance with European Union policies, to a regional organization in Denmark.

Due to confidentiality clause; I cannot divulge more details about the projects in public domain.