Infra-Enthusiast in India? This is for you

India is the 3rd largest growing economy in the world. The growing economy requires investment in creating world-class infrastructure. The government of India as well as state governments started investing in building expressways, highways, railway lines, bridges, metros, and hospitals. This is evident in PMI activities and shares of such companies with order books remain strong for the next few years.

However, there is not much coverage, discussion, and explanations about the progress of these projects. The mainstream media do not give them adequate space in day-to-day coverage. Social media again become a place where some of the infra-enthusiasts are sharing regular updates about the progress of mega projects.

They are also debunking many myths about any such project related to the cost, technology involved, and alignment of a certain road. You can also ask questions them about various legal challenges too. I am highlighting some of the Twitter accounts I have been following for a long time. They share information as well as initiate discussions on infrastructure topics.

Marine Bharat
Kundan Srivastav
Chandrashekhar Dhage
Well respected journalist covering Indian railways
Well known social media account covering all the metro projects in the country

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