Learner’s Paradise In the Pandemic!

Pandemic has changed the concept of meeting and so does the in-person meetups. Instead of gathering at a park, cafe; During the entire last week, I gathered with others on a Zoom call to hang-out in the same way as before.

I found many interesting groups & even organized language (Spanish, Chinese) practicing meetings using in the pre-COVID era. A webinar invitation let me to after many years and I found every meeting is now moved on Zoom. With no constraints on location, I found groups from every corner of the world suitable for my professional & personal interests.

I began participating in a London-based public speaking group. I got more confidence in my market knowledge by discussing my market predictions on a Zoom call attended by long-time investors. Participating in a 30-day songwriting challenge was very exciting. I even brushed up my German a bit in a Zoom call hosted by a Berlin-based teacher. Every day, I participated in a Global English language hangout organized by a Los Angles Based meetup group. Through those meetups, I stayed engaged and learn a lot of new things. Meeting people from different countries was an added bonus. It is certainly helping me personally & professionally during these testing times.

We all are locked up inside our homes due to COVID. If you have got some free time, thinking to learn something new, then can still be the place to start.

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