A take on life: Conversations on Decision Making with Dirish Mohan

A take on life is a wonderful initiative started by ‘Dirish Mohan’, to whom I have known now for more than 3 years. After skipping some of the earlier events, I did not want to miss this one. Despite tired of an early morning dance workshop, I did manage to stay alive for this event.

Dirish started the event by introducing himself, the purpose of his initiative, and the journey so far. Then we went for a right of introduction (name, profession, one word comes in our mind on ‘decision’). Everyone had their own theory on decision-making and it was interesting to listen to their take on this crucial aspect of human life. Every lock in the world might have a key to unlock, every problem might have a solution but not all keys are fit to open the same lock. Similarly, in the larger aspect of the decision-making, what works for an individual may not work for another. It is as simple as that.

Dirish begin our event by asking simple questions like ‘how do we make decisions’, ‘what are the factors behind our decision-making process’, ‘do we feel sometimes that a decision is being forced on us’ etc. Almost all of us gave our opinions based on our individual experiences. It could have been overwhelming but it was moderated beautifully by Dirish by giving everyone a fair amount of time to share their perspectives. He then gave us a hypothetical situation of an IT company with 8 member team and each one of us can think as a team leader. How do we make a decision in such situations? Should we go the for consensus or should we force the decision on them? It was a wonderful discussion where a lot of people shared their own professional experiences in making decisions in such situations.

Further, Dirish also gave a hypothetical situation where he highlighted the phenomenon of ‘blindspot’. In this situation, the information was not sufficient to make a decision. Under such situations, how should an individual make a decision? Participants were unanimously agreed on one simple aspect that making decisions in personal situations are far more difficult than the professional ones. We can change jobs, colleagues, professions but the same does not apply for our personal life (like family).

A lot of things were discussed but the following 5 take-ways will summarize this entire event.

  1. Make a choice and stick with it, even if it is right or wrong. What we are today is because of the decision made by us in the past.
  2. Doing too much analysis on a problem and delaying a decision will create a situation of analysis-paralysis.
  3. Your moral values, whether or not you want to take this decision?
  4. Trust yourself
  5. Impulse and ego drive a lot of our decisions. A careful approach will save us from a lot of trouble.

Post-event, it was time for networking when we met and learned from each other’s process of decision-making.

A Take on Life: Facebook Page

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