DTU – A University With Endless Possibilities


Sometimes in early 2009, I was looking for universities to pursue my higher education. The diversity, heritage, culture of Europe has always inspired me and I was looking to do things over there. One of my friends, studying in Europe told me about considering Technical University of Denmark. Believe me or not, I had never heard of this university before and did not have much idea of Denmark. Despite all these conditions, I have carefully researched about the Technical University of Denmark. University ranking, language of teaching, surrounding environment, possibilities of scholarship, department reputation were some of the criteria to do preliminary research.

The level of transparency in DTU, as well as Department of Chemical Engineering caught my attention in a very first glance. DTU has been ranked high in terms of industry-oriented research and medium of English fulfilled all the queries I had. For rest of the personal queries, my course coordinator was always there on E-mail to clarify things. I have then followed the procedure and applied for the Chemical and Biochemical engineering program at DTU.

By luck, chance or coincidence, my credentials were good enough to give me admission to Master of Science program. I was jumping with joy when confirmed with Elite Master Student Scholarship. There was no doubt left to make DTU a second home which is 10,000 miles away from my home and in my father’s word “land of islands with no land visible on the map”.

I have started my master studies at DTU with 4 fantastic things. International environment, freedom to innovate, flexible curriculum and the most important teamwork. Professors in DTU were like our friends in the classroom giving equal opportunity for discussion, inventing ideas. They were very helpful after class hours too to clarify the doubts. The flexible curriculum at DTU has reminded me of this quote, ‘Every man can choose his destiny’. It is giving freedom to you on one side and at the same time also expecting you to be responsible for your own studies. I was very much confused about this at initial days but got a lot of mentorship from my department coordinator and my thesis supervisor. Teamwork might look fancy, but in DTU I have learned how to coordinate with peers, how to divide the tasks and how to work within the deadlines. The international environment has broadened my perspective to work with people from different nationalities and made me a truly globalized person.

The green campus of DTU provided the best environment for study. My journey at DTU will be incomplete if I do not thank DTU administration for offering a helping hand in doing all the necessary paperwork.

Denmark has been ranked as one of the ‘happiest places in the world’ year after year. You can witness it too when you find efficient transportation, time punctuality, the openness of Danes. My vision was enlarged while working with a lot of people from different countries. Truly globalized learning happened over a very long ‘Christmas Lunch’

If you got some interesting ideas, then you can always count on DTU to listen and get help. DTU has given me chances to visit international conferences and also European Commission to understand the larger context,usage of invented technologies. It is in those conferences, I have realized my potential as a leader, my interest in global scale work and passion towards languages. This interest led me to design & complete ‘Zero Cost MBA(Envisioning 21st Century Global Manager’ project. A project, which has been recognized globally, and has been translated into 105+ languages of the world. The learning & experiences at DTU will be helpful throughout my life. I like to thank DTU for making me, what I am today.

I am proud to study at the Technical University of Denmark, which has been ranked one of the top technical universities in the world & Europe. Form me, this entire experience can be summarized as: ‘The Technical University of Denmark- A University With Endless Possibilities’.

Hope you will also join this university in future to have experience of the lifetime.

Originally published as an International Students Blog on the website of Technical University of Denmark on 14.06.2018


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