Short Fiction: My Computer

Theme: Tales of loss and love
Date: 14-04-2018
Venue: Write Club Meetup Bangalore

Background: 10 year old boy whose computer just crashed,leaving him with no other option, then buying a new one.
**Short story**

Oh! dear,how much I am going to miss you. You never complained to me about me speaking too loudly or too soft. You never complained about me staying long outside the house. There has never been a single incident you going out of mood, even when temperature was touching 45 C outside. You never demanded expensive parties or fancy costumes. You were happy with whatever you were offered.

Oh! those IPL matches would never been possible to enjoy without your company. We both cried so deeply over the death of every actor in the Bollywood movie. Each of my friends also enjoyed your company and everything was going so fine and suddenly you just left me?

How I will enjoy my each day without you? Summer vacations will become a lifeless affairs in your absence and I am no one without your help, support, and guidance. You gave me a reason to feel proud, improve my status among the friends and rush to finish all the games to a lazy human being.

How I am going to find replacement of you? Tell me how I will every establish the passion, connection, and chemistry with someone else? Please come back!! I miss you so much my dear computer.

Write Club Bangalore


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