Global Communicator: Now As A Polyglot

Over past few years, I have worked with people from all over the world. My global translation is one such recent example of it.
Realizing that knowing important world languages can be beneficial, I have started to learn important trade languages and now command some good skills in many languages. This is one such example.

Testing ambidexterity with a small exercise. Introducing myself in different languages, in which I hold some level(basic, professional, native). Feeling very happy to be a polyglot.

Translation of Text with used languages indicated in the bracket at the end of each sentence:

Good Morning(Indonesian),
I am Ankit(Japanese). My surname is Khandelwal(Chinese-Pinyin script). I am an Indian(French). Currently, I live in Bengaluru, a city in south of India(Spanish). I speak English, Spanish, German, Hindi, and good Spanish(Russian) , and also speak a bit French, Japanese at the moment(German).

Thank you (Arabic).

Ankit Khandelwal(Hindi)


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