Poem: Martian Predictions

Event: Let Poetry Be Monthly Meetup
Venue: Atta Galtta, Bengaluru
Date: 19.11.2016
Event theme: Free reading: Nothing specific

My Poem:

Weather it is about finding weather for tomorrow, results of election through exit life, or finding life expectations post some serious illness; predictions have started to play a huge role in our day to day life. Even so, that they are making people modifying their life-style to mitigate some of these challenges (which may or may not even occur)

In this aspect, future predictions based on an individual’s sun signs are very popular. Every day, you can see a column in the newspapers about your day prediction. On some occasions, even they offer predictions for an entire year. In many countries, important functions and life events are determined based on such predictions.

Predictions coming in these column are very much general in nature, not very specific. An individual determines, in which wants he/she wants to understand those carefully written lines.

In this poem, you will witness a journey of a man, who has taken such predictions to new extreme. It is 1st January, and he is trying to make plan for this entire year based on this generalized prediction. What prediction says, how he thinks and what crazy things he plan 🙂 You will see all of it in this poem.

Note: This poem is written in Hindi and in English. Subtitles and situational awareness has been provided, wherever seemed necessary.

Title: Martian Predictions

To be or not to be
That is out of question
Accept it or hate it
Predictions plays a big role in each of our life.

(Generally, yearly predictions are divided into different sections. This poem has also been presented in similar format).

# Section: Personal growth

> Yearly prediction
करना पड़ेगा कुच्छ नया काम (You have to find some new trick/work)
तेज़ी से बदल सकते हैं तुम्हारें व्यक्तिगत एवं पेशेवर हालात (Your personal and professional life can change rapidly)
तरक्की के रास्ते मैं आएगी नयी मुश्किलें (Lot of obstacles will come in your progress path)
पर, नयी दिनचर्या एवं 5 का नंबर हो सकता हैं शुभ (but, new daily schedule and number 5 can be lucky for you)

> Resolutions made by the man
गुरुवार को ही अब शुरू होगा अब हर नया काम (Start every new work only on Thursday)
फिल्म देखूंगा सिर्फ अब सोमवार (Watch film only on Monday)
ना धोऊंगा कपडे अब रविवार (Will not wash clothes on Sunday)
जाऊंगा दोस्तों के घर अब सिर्फ शुक्रवार (From now on-wards, go to friends house only on Friday)

Will read how to earn more with less work
Even fake only, learn to keep smile
Even lies only, try to praise everyone in the office
All to get 30% raise each time

#Section: Personal Finance

> Yearly prediction
Earning money मैं आ सकती हैं visa रूपी बाधा (May get visa type hurdles in earning money)
Expenses से लगेगा जोर का झटका (You may get huge shock with your higher expenses)
सुधर जा ऐ मानव (Behave yourself man)
नहीं तो खायेगा कंगाली का फटका (Else, you will face situation of debt trap)

> Resolutions made by the man
Will not use credit card anymore
Only work with case despite demonetization
Without 50% offers, not even buy vegetables
Buy 1 get 1 free will be the case with every shopping

Only eat at discounted restaurant
Travel in non A/C BMTC buses
Will shop at पुराणी मंडी and बाजार (Will shop only at old market and roadside shops)
क्योकि branded चीज़ों का जमाना अब गया मेरे यार (As, time for branded items has gone)

#Section: Personal Health

> Yearly predictions
Heart attack का तुम्हें हैं खतरा (You are at a risk of heart failure)
अनावश्यक worries ने हैं तुम्हारें मन का fun कतरा (Unnecessary worries have cut fun from your life)
अपनी diet का रखो ध्यान (Keep your diet in control/check)
नहीं तो कहलाओगे fat सरेआम (Otherwise, you will be called fat publicly)

> Resolutions made by the man
Will follow Salman Khan’s Routine
Avoid watching sad Bollywood break-up movies
15 floor upstairs not with a lift
And, polluted air की बजाई खाऊंगा A/C की ताज़ा तरीन fresh breeze (I will only inhale purified air conditioned air than polluted air)

Eat more salt to mitigate radiation effects
Eat only Patanjali fruits and breads
Bribe yoga teacher to be my best friend
Despite 15 hours work, save every second to reduce my fat

#Section: Relationships & Family (This person is apparently unmarried)

> Yearly predictions
Bachelors लोगो का हो सकता हैं relationship status change (Bachelors may get chance to change their relationship status)
अगर family मं करी सभी से good behave (If they behave nicely to their family members)
पर public places पर संभल कर रखो कदम (But be careful at public placeS)
क्यूंकि यहाँ पर रिश्तो से हो सकता हैं खतरा (There might be danger with relationships at public places)

> Resolutions made by the man
Never play jokes on any pretty colleague
Be kind even to beggar on the street
है भगवन, मेरा relationship status change करा दे (Dear god, please change my relationship status)
मैं आऊंगा your door step दोड़ते हुए with bare-feet (I will come running at your door step with bare-feet)

In future, will never share my FB password
Relationship status will never go public
Whatsapp पर अब ना करूँगा किसी से प्यार भरी गुफ्तगू (Will not chat romantically with anyone on whatsapp)
Instagram से मैं अब कर लूँगा तौबा (Will say bye-bye to Instagram)

#Ending lines of the poem

Fortune changes just like change in the government
Wishing every blind future seeker
An unpredictable luck
Can be the best predicted way to depart from here

Recitation details
Event: Let Poetry Be Monthly Meetup
Venue: Atta Galtta, Bengaluru
Date: 20.01.2017
Event theme: ‘This is How I see my Kind’

More information:
Let Poetry Be, Facebook page
Let Poetry be collection of Poems
Event Page ‘Over the new leaf’

Disclaimer: This poem was written purely to entertain people and explain difficulties of life in an easier manner. This artistic work, in no way, intends to harm or dishonor beliefs of any individual or organizations.


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