Learn to Give FIRST AID! Learn to Save Lives(Yours or Others)



Number of accidents on roads are rising day by day, especially in India. What is a worrisome scenario is lack of awareness about FIRST AID Treatment among most of riders and vehicle owners. Let me tell you a small personal story to highlight important of this very simple skill.

The day, I was shocked, surprised and then felt proud of myself

It was just like other day. I was driving a 2 wheeler borrowed from my friend to attend meeting of poets. It was weekend and expected a huge traffic, significantly reducing my speed. Even while driving slowly, I was hit by a speedy car (or rather I rammed into it), when it failed to maintain some minimum gap while overtaking. A side on collision and within matter of few seconds, I fell down on ground rubbing entire road for few meters along with my body and vehicle. Luckily fully conscious:-)

Someone helped me to get up, parked my vehicle nearby and I guess, that was the moment of me in unbearable pain. I could sense entire right side of my body was in pain, as I fell down on this side. Not all bleeding was visible, but there was no time to waste.

My FIRST AID training kicked in and I assessed as much as I can about any sort of physical damage. Moving legs back and forth, bending hand front and reverse, and shaking neck gave me a good relief as nothing was broken as such. Obviously, there was lot of pain but somehow years of practicing mental endurance helped here to stay focused.

With shaking right hand and working left hand, I used my mobile to call for help. Although, it took some time but my treatment begin within 30-35 minutes of accident. Within 2 hours, I was discharged and participated in same poetry event for which I left my house few hours ago. Despite lot of pain, I was happy to be alive, not having big injuries and at least having mental satisfaction to do what was necessary to be done. I am doing now very well and almost recovered from this accident.

But, why I am writing this entire blog post on LinkedIn?

Current situation

Most of the people, I have met post accident hardly knew about ‘how to give first aid’. I was lucky enough not to get hurt badly, near to a hospital, and well trained for such situation. But how many are out there lucky enough to get under the same situation? Who are driving regularly know about this? Not necessarily the person who gets injured but the people who are helping them. How many of these helpers know about such life saving tool-kits?


Well, I have gathered some online courses, easily available to study to gain some level of expertise in such life saving skills. Request you to take any of these courses, or find any other way to at least equip with something related to this.If you are a daily rider on busy roads, it becomes even more important. Because you never know, what is waiting for you at the road!




Thank you for reading this and keeping me in your prayers. Hope you will pay some attention to my request.

Ankit Khandelwal

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