Chinese(Mandarin) Language Learning and Culture Discussion Group: All are Invited to Learn

This is very unusual post, but I think it needs to be shared.

After studying about China for more than 4 years as part of my Zero Cost MBA(Global Manager for 21st Century), I wanted to learn Mandarin. Now, considering that many people assume this a very difficult language, I was slightly skeptical. There were some classes to learn Mandarin language; but after self learning German, Spanish, and Russian; I found going to classes simply waste of time. And, my busy schedule do not allow me to travel frequently and regularly to attend any class. So, what should I do?

I have given this 6 month thought and finally decided to start a meetup group. A group, where I can invite other self-learners to practice Mandarin or may be even learn with them. Sounds studied idea? But that was a good case for motivated learners like me. As not many people have luxury to go to classes due to ‘n’ number of problems. The core aspect is to learn, speak, and understand 🙂 So, a good learning environment is more than enough to make a person learning a language.

Anyways, so I decided to start this meetup and found that one person from China has already started such group. It was never active since its inception. So, I tracked him on LinkedIn/Facebook and asked him to give me administrator rights to host such meetups. After 4 weeks he agreed and this Saturday, I am going to host one such meetup. Just a small step towards my journey of knowing more about China(this time through language).

Anyone of you, who likes to learn with us or wants to offer a helping hand is welcome to join. It will be hosted on Skype in virtual way, so each one of you regardless of your geographic location can join. This meetup is for those, who may not have possibilities to attend a formal Chinese language class.


Hope to see you all there!!

Regards from India,


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