Invitation for Virtual Participation: Bangalore Spanish Language Meetup


As part of my dream of becoming a global executive, along with the study of cultures; I have also self-taught 3 foreign languages. Previously, I relied on the native language speaker and several free resources on internet to gain the knowledge. The idea of self-learning a language stick with me and with my interest in learning foreign languages, more will be added in my skill-set.

Learning something new is not challenging but keeping it in your brain for longer duration requires sufficient practice. It is like re-calling things again and again in your brain. I do not live in country, where these 3 languages(German, Spanish, Russian) are spoken on the regular basis. Therefore, I have to rely once again on the virtual world.

Therefore, I started Spanish language Meetup in my city. It was meant to keep up my level in Spanish intact along with providing platform to others (people like me) to practice their Spanish. Traffic congestion during weekends, lack of public transportation, and very large city size prevented us to have in-person meetup. Thereby, we decided to go ahead with the virtual meetups on Skype/Google Hangout. In this way, we also got people from other cities of the country to practice Spanish with us.

We have recently entered into our 3rd month of successful hosting and it is going very well. Since it is a theme based meetup, anyone from beginners to advance can join us from any part of the world.

Practicing language is more exciting than learning itself. So, if you are language enthusiastic, know Spanish, or simply like to experience some Latin American Culture, just join this meetup every weekend. It is completely free, and only take 1-2 hours every week. And it is organized every Sunday virtually, therefore you can attend from your home itself. All you need to bring is passion and interest 🙂

See you there!

Bangalore Spanish Language Meetup- Page


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