Sir Issac Newton’s Visit to India

Technical terms used in this poem:
g= gravitational constant = 9.8 m/s2
F= Gravitational force = G m1m2/r2
(Gravitational force is directly proportional to masses of 2 different objects and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them)
P= F/A
(Pressure is equal to the force applied divided by the area)

Note: This poem is written in Hindi, English, and Hadoti languages. Subtitles are provided within brackets, wherever needed.

Title: Sir Issac Newton’s visit in India

Inspired from the promises made in PM Modi’s speech
Sir Issac Newton came to India to check practical validity of his physics peak

Scene 1: Early morning queue outside सुलभ शौचालय (public toilet)

Pretending to be normal, gravitational force is pulling it down
Against the gravity, a human pseduo force is making it hanging in the air
With all the LSG(Liquified Stomach Gas) being stored inside
Ready to burst any moment, just to go from high to low pressure side

Still a mass dependent, this force do not consider external forces around
Still a slow progress, this force is increasing with every footsteps sound
And impuslive force applied to keep it aligned, as bad as it sounds
Released excess LSG into the air, everyone move there head around

Newton concluded,
Gravitational force is bilnd
Anything carrying weight should go down
With pseudo force differenting gas and solid easily
Gravitional force experimentally validated, as weird as it sound

Scene 2: In a remote village, arrival of Newton caused a sensation and villagers are now talking about him in their local language ‘Hadoti’
(Narration of difficult situation in educating about scientific concepts to normal people)

बुद्धिमान प्राणी हैं गाँव मैं आयों, (An intelligent man has came in the village)
ग्रेविटी वाले बाबा नाम हैं पायों, (He has got the name as Gravity Baba)
कहे छे, चीज़ा ऊपर से निचे आवें छे, (He says, everything always comes down)
तो अतना सारा परलोक सिधार मानक निचा क्यूँ न आया? (Then, why, everyone who has died and gone to heaven, never came down?)

हाँ, (Yes)
अंग्रेजी बोले छे उ जोरदार (Speak very fluent English)
पर उकी बात सम्जः न आई यार (But we did not understand a single thing told by him)
कहे छे धरती घूमने छे और मान सभी भी घूम रिया छे (He says, earth is rotating and we all are also rotating)
4 पेग लगर, पियो हो मनख भी यही बोले छे यार (After drinking 4 bottles of alcohol, even drunk person also says the same thing)

Newton concluded,
हनुमान जी को मानवा वाला को गाँव छे (This village has a deep faith in Lord Hanuman)
सब का सब अन्पड ग्वार छे (Everyone is illiterate and dumb here)
ग्रेविटी को को सुंबा को न तेयार छे (No one wants to hear about the gravity)
मु निकलू अठी सु, नहीं तो मने पिटबा के कारने, सब तेयार छे (I should quietly leave from here, else everyone is ready to beat me for my nonsense talks)

Scene 3: BMTC bus peak hours, Newton was traveling in a overcrowded bus
(Use of g, gravitational force, impulsive force)
(BMTC: Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation)

Standing just with a peer support base
You can beat directionallly applied gravitional force
Just like everyone is revovling around everyone in the space
Everyone is hanging around with everyone in BMTC’s slow moving pace

As the destination arrived,
He pushed me, I pushed him and he pushed him
Contraption mechanism started to fall in
Sir Issac Newton thought, no one will be able to get down

But, Newton concluded at the end
BMTC bus के गेट पर लगा धक्का (Push experienceed at the BMTC bus entry/exit gate)
gravitational force से भी हैं पक्का (Is even stronger than the gravitational force)
My friend Einstein भी रह जाएगा हक्का बक्का (My friend Einstein will also become clueless)
When वो खायेगा relative धक्के का फटका (When he will also experience this relative push at the exit/entry gate during peak hours)

Scene 4: Bollywood/Hollywood movie stunt scene
(Use of g=9.8 m/s2)

Dishum.. Dishum… Dishum
Just from one person’s big muscles and thighs
So many people goes 20 feet high
Travel of hero’s bullet made him laugh
Application of natural forces seem very tough

When filmy hero can chase villain more quickly
And jumps made by hero’s bike defying gravity easily
Not everything comes down at an equal time
Gravitational law does not apply to bollywood, this time

Newton concluded,
If apple could come from bottom to top
With just a simple kick of Rajnikanth style
Then, why I was not sitting on the top of a tree?
To discover concept of reverse gravity?

Scene 5: A neighborhood during examination phase in India
(Use of P= F/A)

Exam pressure is in every members mind
Newton was able to feel with facial emotions flowing around
With such high pressure applied in a single area
Force of stress multiplied to several times

From parents to neighbors, everyone is involved
From encouragement to jealousy, so many forces were evolved
From day and night, time duration do not come around
From positive force of achieving dream to negative force of competition, everything just combined

Newton concluded,
I discovered stress> gravity
Finding exact reason is not in my mind
I am amused by power of the human brain
A pull even greater than mother nature’s force

#Concluding thoughts
Newton departed from India
Thinking ‘all is well’ with his theoretical observational side
But he was too old to understand the practical side.

Recitation details

Event: Let Poetry Be Monthly Meetup
Venue: Atta Galtta, Bengaluru
Date: 18.06.2016
Event theme: ‘Gravity’

Read more about the event:

Disclaimer: This poem was written purely to entertain people and explain difficult physics laws in an easier manner. This artistic work, in no way, intends to harm or dishonor the work of great scientists and their vividly applied innovations in our day to day life.

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