‘Gravity-The Force’ @LPB (Let Poetry Be)

Gravity the force at LPB

Date 18-06-2016
Location Atta Galatta, Kormangala, Bengaluru, India
Event description A fantastic concept, open to interpretation-gravity is the theme for our June event. We’d like to thank Ankit for having suggested this theme. Please feel free to approach the concept however you like. A scientific interpretation or understanding is not necessary.

Event summary

Today, after a long time, one of the founder of LPB Samanthak was with us.
Event started with the recitation of Sonali bhatia. She recited poem with title ‘Force of gravity’ describing story of a little child. It ended with very beautiful line, ‘This little girl will definitely beat the gravity’.

Like every time, there were many first timers. Tanya Patil recited a poem with soul connection with gravity. Shiva Shankar recited 2 poems in Kannada with title ‘whatsapp’ and ‘Facebook’. Artraika Ghose recited a poem was divided into 3 parts with parts talking about ‘falling out of words’,’falling out of reality’, and ‘falling out of love’. Abhitez Gupta was also a first timer and recited a Hindi comic poem.

Neha Sureka’s poem was inspired from the movie ‘Gravity’ and talked about travel around the universe. Maitryi Nag took gravity as a representative of all natural force in her poem, written in Bangla. Saurav Gogoi experimented with poetry in his first poem. He described his experiences of trip to Kodaikanal and Gokarna and experiences with gravity in another 2 short poems. Mahdushree KS recited a beautiful poem with ending lines,
‘There’s something that pulls me,
I feel the energy,
It’s the gravity’.

Priyanka Das featured her home town Kolkata in her poem. I could not get much out from this poem, but gravity of thoughts and staying away from home could be easily seen in her recitation. In the middle of this, I also got opportunity to recite my poem, ‘Sir Issac Newton’s Visit to India’. You can read it here or simply watch this video.

Balu was fabulous once again in his satirical style. He compared gravitational force with drop in quality of passion. Read his poem here

Faiz Akram talked about relationship between mother and son. His other few lines touched the aspect of a conversation, happened between son of politician and a poet. Sarabjeet Singh, first recited a poem written by his friend titled ‘The Identity’. You can read the poem here For his second poem, he made a sketch of Albert Einstein and importance of listening to ideas of kids. It can be read here His last poem ended with a line,
‘my only appeal to you to understand the gravity in raw form
before life takes it and do it in storm’.

Mamtha was once again fabulous with her poems. Her first poem title, ‘Mon’s blanket’ was dedicated to her mother. Her second poem was dedicated to her friend, who recently messed up a speech. In her third poem, she gave gravity a nature of human. It was wonderful to hear a 10 year old among these many aged people. Hope to listen more of her work in future.

Everyone run for the corner with laughter on the poem recited by Sanjeev Shukla.

Vijish Nair came after a long time for recitation. He sang his poem with guitar, the last lines ‘learn a thing or two from the world ‘g’ along with the music were very very powerful. Event ended with the recitation of Arjun Iyenger. He talked about a grave theme ‘female infanticide’ in India.

As always, LPB event was once again very refreshing with lot of thoughts exchanged and lot of words being communicated. Next month theme will be ‘Food’.

(Based on my personal experiences/observations. Need not to be true to the facts)

More information:
Let Poetry Be, Facebook page
Let Poetry be collection of Poems
Event Page ‘Gravity-The Force’


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