Poetry and Storytelling Under Open Sky @IISC, Bangalore

Storytelling Under Grass

Date 17-06-2016
Venue Choksi Hall, IISc Bangalore
Event description Student Community which conduct a Poetry session and Story telling session under open sky on green grass in IISc campus.

Event summary

It was not so quiet Friday evening. I have received invitation for this event 2 months ago from my friend Abhinav Yadav, but could not make it that time. Today, I got some free time and rushed towards IISC for this event. Some traffic jam prevented me to reach on time, but all went well at the end.

At the start of the event, Amit Roy introduced himself and the purpose of this event. He also mentioned the informal environment. That means, you just have to raise your hand and go to the stage to read your work. He also introduced show host ‘Amit Joshi’ to all of us.

First person recited a poem in Kannada. The title of the poem was ‘my dream marriage hall’. We enjoyed his poem after understanding abstract aspect of it.
After this, show host Amit Joshi recited a short story.Message of short story was very simple, ‘the sweetest thing in this World is your voice’.

Then, I recited my poem ‘Errors in Cooking are Genuine’ and ‘विश्वविध्याला का तनहा सफ़र’. Read ‘विश्वविध्याला का तनहा सफ़र’ here and watch ‘Errors made during are Genuine’ from a previous recitation.

Praveen Chandra Tiwari gave tribute to former president of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam through this poem. Sanjita Sharma Pokharel just returned from Japan and recited a poem based on her experience in Japan. Title, ‘Love is Blind’.

A completely new concept, Akshay Kumar came with totally a new idea of recitation. He defined poem, story, and literature about the 3 forms music, arts, and science.The essence? Everything is good and same,just the way we look on it is different in different stream. It was a combination of poetry, story, and literature. Recited in Kannada with translation in between, everyone loved it.

Another person recited a short story on the theme of ‘justice denied or justice served’. He took all of us to a journey towards tribal lands and then built his story. Subramanyam sing a song in Kannada with title ‘Lavish Dream’.

Ankit recited a poem written by Shri Bhartendu Harishchandra, whereas Irfan recited few शेरो शायरी . In the middle of all of this, Amit Roy recited something beautiful from the book written by legendary poet ‘Gulzar(गुलज़ार)’.

Vidyashankar (popularly known as Vidya Sagar) talked about his life and suggestions given to him by other people all the time. Sometimes he accepted them, sometimes he did not.

But this event could not be completed without mentioning, the wonderful recitation of ‘Toba Take Singh’ by Deevas Gupta. Toba Take Singh a short story written by Manto. The story described the pain of partition from the eyes of mad people. I recommend everyone to at least read it to feel the problems, emotions, and challenges of partitions.

Praveen Chandra Tiwari was the last person to recite. His poem ‘एक अनोखा अहसास’ talked about illusion of human being about human life. Read this poem here

Event ended with a group picture of all of us.

It was good to meet some new poets Madhulika, Praveen, Amit, Irfan and others. I hope to attend many more such events at IISC.

(Based on my personal experiences, need not to be true to the facts).

More information:
Event page
About Poetry and Short Story telling under open sky on grass

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