To Err Is Human @Let Poetry Be, Bengaluru

To Err is human_Let Poetry Be

Date 19-03-2016
Location Atta Galatta, Kormangala, Bengaluru, India
Event description To err of course, is human! However, how we perceive our mistakes is highly individualistic. Some regret, some learn, some deny, some burn…are we ‘mistake-prone’, what kind of mistakes do we repeatedly commit? Aren’t we supposed to learn from our mistakes, then why do we repeat them at all? Let’s hear what you have to say, through your poem.

This theme is optional. You can choose to do a free-reading. Having said this, we encourage all our participants to step out of their comfort zone and give this theme a shot.

Event summary

Event started with a wonderful performance from Mr. Arun Bhatia. He sang a song for us from a 1940 Hindi movie. Although it was a bollywood song,he mixed lot of his own thoughts into it.Everyone in the crowd loved his performance. He has also recited another song later during the event. He was the star performer of the evening. Hope to hear more of him in the future.

  • 1. Sonali Bhatia

Normally, Sonali Bhatia is a co-host of the event. But today, she also had something to say. She recited a beautifully written, ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ poem. I will not describe much about it, but request you to read it here:

  • 2. Sarit Sethi

It was his last day at Let Poetry Be. He has recited 4 poems.

  • 3 .Balu M

Favorite of everyone. He has recited 4 short poems with titles, ‘What Was A Mistake?’, ‘What is a Mistake?’, ‘Was it a Mistake?’,and ‘It Was A Mistake’. You can read all of these poems here:

  • 3.Ankit Khandelwal

Engineers are trained to solve complex problems. But are they trained to learn cooking too? How will they try to use their mathematical, physical, and logical thinking while learning to cook. Well, read this during my journey of gaining culinary skills with the title, ‘Mistakes are part of the Human Gene: But, Errors made during the Cooking are Genuine’. Listen to the recitation here:

Text version of the poem

  • 4. Madhushree

She has recited a poem about the confusion faced by many youngsters. How to choose which stream of profession(or line of study) to be taken, after the 12th standard.

  • 5.Aarti Shyamsunder

This poem was written many years ago. Although title was ‘Near Death Experience’, but it turned out to be based on a movie. Everyone smiled after listening to this declaration.

  • 6. Cherisha Agarwal

She was 1st timer at Let Poetry Be. Title of her first poem,’Footprints On The Sand’. It can be read here:

In her second poem, titled ‘A Free Soul’s Plea’. It talks about wedding and forced social pressure and the other like starting life again. It can be read here:

Her third poem, ‘A Tiny Ray of Hope’ is all about the hope in an individual’s life. I am quoting these important lines.
“Hope is what keeps us going
through times that are hard and bad
gives us that extra boost
and brings a smile upon the sad”
It can read here:

  • 7.Eva

Her first poem is titled, ‘Mistake’. It highlighted the importance of making mistakes. Absence of it means that we would not have even dare, dare to try new things.
Her second poem was on the nature. It was based on her experiences of observing nature, during her trip to Australia.

  • 8.Olivier Normandin

He recited 4 poems with titles, ‘Mistake’,’Miss-Stage’,’Procrastination’, and ‘Glow’. He covered many different aspects through his poem. Why, Procrastination is also a sort of mistake? And why some mistakes cannot be corrected. The depth in his poem mesmerized all of us.

  • 9.Madhuri

She was also first timer at LPB.
She talks about the city Bombay(Mumbai).Her experiences, likes, and dislikes about this city. Title of her poem, ‘Duality’. I like one line from her poem, ‘If hate is really such a strong word, who is going to hate the 1st Mansoon’.

Her second poem, talked about a general problem. We all had dreams in our early ages, and after some years, we may do not know how things are happening. The title of her poem, ‘Magic of Oblivious’ highlighted this confusion.

  • 11. Abhinav Yadav

इन्होने हिंदी मैं काव्यपाठ किया| इनकी कविता का शीर्षक,”वो कितनी दूर उछला” था| इसमें उन्होंने तालाब या पानी मैं फेंके जाने वाले कंकड़ का जिक्र किया|

  • 12. Prashant Kedia

He was first timer at Let Poetry Be. He is a chartered accountant by profession. According to him, either his work is to find mistakes or to hide the mistakes. So mistakes are routine thing for him. He recited in Hindi.
इनकी कविता का शीर्षक, “गुण गुनाती गलतियाँ” था| कुछ पन्त्कियाँ मैं बताना चाहूँगा|

उलटे पैरों से पीपल पर बंसी
हाथ थाम करके किसी जंगल मैं ले चले
ओस सी टपकती हुए, ये गलतियाँ
फीकी से इस जिंदगी मैं, इन्द्रधनुष सी गलतियाँ

  • 13. Lakshmi

Her poem titled, ‘From the Grave you Climb’. It talks about story of 2 lovers, who were madly in love with each other. Then the guy turned against her and things go downhill. Her mistake was to allow him to judge her and his mistake was to take advantage of her. It talks about the frustration of the girl, when the guy dies and she could not tell how much she loved him. The last line of her poem were impressive:
“Stand for her one last time
For you alone, alleviate her pain”

  • 14.Sourav Roy

He recited in Hindi. इन्होने जंगल के जानवर और वर्तनी की वजह से होने वाली गलतियों की तरफ ध्यान खिंचा. किस तरह गेंदा को गेंडा और किसी और को कुछ अलग बना दिया| आप इस कविता को यहाँ पड़ सकते हैं

इनकी अगली कविता भी रोचक थी| पिछली बार की तरह इस बार भी सौरव जी हमें पुराणी यादों की तरफ खिंच ले गए| इनकी कविता का शीर्षक खोई हुए चीज़ों के ऊपर था|

  • 15.Brijesh Deshpande

इन्होने भी हिंदी मैं काव्यपाठ किया. हमेशा की तरह इस बार भी, इन्होने कुछ अलग तरीके से गलतियों को देखने की कोशिश की|

इनकी पहली कविता का शीर्षक था, “खामियां भी गलतियाँ हि है” मैं काफी आचे तरीके से एक इंसान के अंदर की गलतियों और भावों को उकेरा गया हैं|

इनकी दुस्सरी कविता हम सभी को एक अलग ही दुनिया मैं ले गयी| यह कविता “नल” पर केन्द्रित थी| इन्होने बस्ती मैं लगे घरेलु नल से लेकर्के आलिशान घरों के नालों के बिच हमारे सामने एक नयी “नलो की दुनिया” बसा थी|

  • 16. Rima D’Souza

She was also a first timer at LPB. The title of her poem, ‘To err is human’. Let me quote few verses from her poem.

Mistake, I made none
I always traded a safe path
Although, it was not a fun
Walk on the chosen path to err is human
I decided to take path less taken

Her second poem title,’Let me be me’.

  • 17. Sarvish

He dedicated his poem to Olivier and few other poets, who have recited during this event. He has written poem during the event itself. Let me quote few lines of his poem.

So is procrastination a mistake
or every mistake a procrastination

He ended his poem with lines, ‘A procrastination is still a good choice’

  • 18. Amruta Dongray

Event host, Amrtua too recited a poem at the end with the title, ‘Closet’.

(Based on my personal experiences/observations. Need not to be true to the facts)

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Let Poetry Be, Facebook page
Let Poetry be collection of Poems
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