It’s my choice – part II @Let Poetry Be, Bengaluru

let poetry be_it is my choice_part ii

Date 27-07-2015
Location Atta Galatta, Kormangala, Bengaluru, India
Event description This time around, it’s truly your choice! You are free to read a poem or a collection of poems entirely of your choice…original works, of course!
Audience reaction and questions bring a different high to a poet. At ‘Its My Choice’, each participant will take questions from the audience after the reading.

Event summary

Like the last event, this event has also seen many new entrants and lot of discussion coming out of each poem. I was a good listener this time, making notes of each and every listeners details poems.This event started with Abhisehk, sharing his experience of attending every Let Poetry Be event since its inception. Then today’s event host Amrutha described the history of Let Poetry Be (LPB) and various events organized at LPB. Then, she has started to call people one by one to recite their poems.
This event summary is about the poems, my observations and mixed with discussion after each poem presentation. You are welcome to comment/suggest, in case something has been missed in this summary.

  • 1: Debeleena Majumdar

Her poem was about the ‘lost bookmark’ which has fallen out of the page. It touched upon the concepts of loss of identity.

  • 2: Sajjan Kumar

He talked about writer’s block. Confusion in writer’s mind, how word puzzled and things just come out in the life. He second poem had the title ‘Desire Doll’, with child wanted to buy it from the store but mother refuses each time.

One of the perspective on the 2nd poem was more about the transferable job (opinion maker belonged to Army family with frequent transfers).Each time he had to make new friends and as soon as he got acquainted with new reality, his father has been transferred again.

  • 3: Eva

The first person has title ‘The Broken element’, which first talked about the broken ship and then related this to an individual person.

Her second poem with the title ‘The Immortal Fame’ has been inspired from the Bollywood movie ‘Black’. The discussion among the participants revealed that our senses are shut because of lot of distraction around. Surprisingly, it is the people with disabilities can actually feel the beauty of the outside world and able to enjoy silence. Majority of the people are replacing themselves in clone identities, as a way to please others. It is jut that when they realize that it is not right, it is too late. From the discussion, it has also came out, that core personality never changes, only the outside influences alter.

  • 4: Premi Moses

Poem title ‘Dance of the fireflies’. talked about the journey of human life. It described conflict between problems of life and passion. It showcased, how at the end somehow we find the compassion even though we have endured considerable pain. Discussion among participants brought the analogy that there is hope and solution to every problem.

  • 5:Sanjeev Shukla

He has recited his poem in Hindi and almost changed the mood of the crowd.

First poem was about a lover ditched by his girlfriend. The lover is no way ready to forgive this girl and wanted to spoil her name. Sanjeev’s way of reciting entire poem has impressed each one of us.

His second poem was about difference between the two sides of India, one is modern and another is underdeveloped. It has highlighted political and social issues faced by our country. Both of these poems have been hugely discussed among the participants and lot of new perspectives were generated.

  • 6:Ilu

Poem title ‘The magical reality’. She has been a huge Harry Potter fan and written this poem on the occasion of the birthday of Daniel Redcliffe (the actor who played the role of Harry Potter in all Harry Potter series movies). The poem talked about journey of life and earth, then creation of living species on our planet and finally about the hidden capabilities of human brain.

  • 7: Madhushree Ks

First poem was from the person experience. It described missing someone which comes out to be power cut at the end.

Second poem was also from the personal experience with observation about someone else. It has written about a women sitting next to her during a trip. It is about girl, who does not want to be controlled.

  • 8: Anshuman

A regular member, Anshuman was leaving his hometown and going to pursue masters abroad. His poem was filled with emotions of remembering the old days, adding others in those memories, excitement yet a bit of silence.

  • 9: Gurdeep Ratti

His poem featured mythological Goddess Annapurna and highlighting problems of malnutrition and hungry people. Through the text, it has been described that Goddess Annapurna is in stress because of the rising inequality in the society.

  • 10: Avini Oberoi

She was speaking for the first time and our host Amurtha told her not to be nervous. The title of her poem was ‘Blinded by’. It was about inspiration behind the love. It brings the situation of life when love overpower us and blinds us too much, that we chose to ignore to reality.

  • 11:Kavita

She has recited her poems in Hindi and all of them were related to mother nature. Title of the first poem ‘बारिश की बूंद ’ . It was about interaction of a rain drop with a seed. It also highlighted a ray of hope in human life.

Her second poem, with title ‘पत्ती’, talked about a leaf. This particular leaf was sitting below a tree and then detached away from the guardian ‘tree’. This leaf will help again someone else in the new season.

Title of the third poem ‘बादल’. It talked about the different shapes cloud are taking every evening.

  • 12: Gagana N V

Her poem presented a wonderful perspective, since it was related to weaving. Although, it was about the arm chair, in the background is is like a chronic dissatisfaction of a person from himself. It is more like a person, who is sad with a feeling, that he/she was the reason behind someone else sadness.

The second poem had the title, ‘Walls and Guards’. It is from the own experiences of writer. Over protection of buildings and the residents during her hostel life surprised her. This poem could be related to the nature of many human beings, where a fear is being guarded by a fear. Especially her line about box in a box and then in a box relates truly to this context.

  • 13: Rajiv Ranjan

It was my first experience to listen something in Bhojpuri.

His first poem was about remembering the lost people and he compared them with our breathing cycle.

His second had lot of deep thoughts and it talked about social issues, especially female infanticide.

His third poem has highlighted the sacrifices made by a mother. This poem was written around 15 years ago. The poem talked about, how the child is now feeling sorry. Sorry, because he is far away from his mother and unable to return the favor, his mother has done while raising him in early days.

  • 14:Sanjay

He started his time by singing a small song very much similar to writer’s block. Like Sanjeev and Rajiv, he has also recited in Hindi.

Title of this first poem, ‘कुछ हैं, कुछ नहीं हैं ’. It is more like something is there, but what is that something but if something is not there than is it nothing? It is pretty much left all of us confused for total 10-15 minutes.

Title of this second poem, ‘dustbin’. It describes how people from different walks of life come and dump their garbage in the same dust bin. It also talked about the insensitivity of the people in throwing their garbage as well as how such garbage is being used by hungry people later on. Somehow, people related this poem with the human heart. Where lot of garbage is piled up but no municipality van comes up to clean the garbage of thoughts.

  • 15:Vijesh Nair

Vijesh has a different way of presenting his poem. He was singing and playing his Guitar. His first poem titled ‘Dead between the pages’, described the dead leaves on the road. His second poem was about ‘Mountain and Sea’. Where Mountain could describe a tower of ego and sea is about full of loveliness.

The event was very good and I enjoyed listening all those different poets. It was different from my other events, when I recited my own written poems.

More information:
Let Poetry Be, Facebook page
Let Poetry be collection of Poems
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One response to “It’s my choice – part II @Let Poetry Be, Bengaluru

  1. Thanks ankit for caturing the event so beautigully. Very meticulous observation indeed. You just revived the entire event again. That day i missed the poem from Avani Oberaoi. So Avani if you read this mesaage then do share your poem. I want to read that.


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