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In the year 2011, while participating in the International Camp of Young Environmentalists at Azerbaijan, I realised that the general public’s awareness of technologies is close to nil. But thanks to technology, this gap between knowledge and seekers can be bridged easily. So, as the government of India has launched its Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and Clean Ganga initiatives, it becomes important that everyone take part in such movements in their own localities. You can take any one of the following online courses to get the required knowledge to lead initiatives in water purification at your local level too.

  • 1. Introduction to Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage:
  • This course from EPFL Lusanne, Switzerland, takes a closer look at the quality of household drinking water and tells you how the quality of water can be improved. This course will also teach you about the potential treatment solutions and how they function at the household level.
    You also get to take a closer look at the roles of different stakeholders (governments, businesses and other organisations) in providing pure drinking water to a normal population. You can even earn course completition certificate on successful completion.
    Login to to register for this course for the upcoming sessions.

  • 2 Urban Water – Innovations for Environmental Sustainability:
  • The course from the University of British Columbia, Canada, touches upon interdisciplinary aspects to solve the global water crisis and teaches you how to incorporate those solutions in your life and at home. The course features Vancouver as a case study and looks into some of the common problems faced by the city and how architecture, city planners, engineers have resolved them using innovative solutions. Learning those concepts can help you think and build solutions for your own town in an easier manner. You can even earn an honour code certificate on successful completion. Connect to www. to register for this course.

  • 3 Water and wastewater treatment engineering:
  • This 13-week long course from Tsinghua University, China is highly technical in nature and can be used to understand waste water treatment at the municipal level. It covers the basic principles and calculation methods, application range, characters of main units and new progress of technologies for water and wastewater treatment. Connect to course-search to register for this course. So, what are you waiting for? Just turn on your computer and register for the courses.

    (Appeared in The Hindustan Times, New Delhi and other editions, 01-07-2015)

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