‘Fire’ – from purest form to Chinese zodiac sign

In many culture, there has been different stories about the importance given to ‘Fire’. A special emphasis is given in several customs. I have tried to observe closely the importance of fire in my culture and that one in China. I am still trying to understand more about China, so this blog post can only reflect initial observations. For rest, you may need to come back here in future.

Indian culture
I have been grown up following Hinduism, so my opinion will be coming observing that tradition. ‘Fire’ in Hinduism has been considered the purest form of nature. Every couple take round 7 times before taking the oath to remain together to be considered married. Fire is lit before starting every custom in majority of functions. Even after death, bodies are burned in a symbolic way to get back to the purest form of nature.

Chinese culture
Fire is one of the five elements widely written in Chinese culture. These five elements are regarded as everything existing in Universe as each one has ability to create or destroy another. Fire represents masculine or active in Chinese culture. It is associated with different Chinese Zodiac sign as well as Chinese nature cycles. The fire element out of five elements provide warmth, enthusiasm, and creativity, however more of it can bring aggression, impatience, and impulsive behavior. So in nutshell, the element of fire gives lot of energy and enthusiasm to the person but also brings trouble, when having excess of it.

What more ‘fire’ means in the Chinese culture? Well, I am still exploring and will let you know, once I finish my search.

(Appeared in The China Daily Blog Forum, 18-06-2015)

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