Speaking @Coursetalk, Silicon Valley New Co Festival-2015


What is NewCo Festival
In each city we invite a select number of NewCos to open their doors and share their unique story. NewCos are on a mission to create all types of positive change in the world. While many are technology companies, many more are innovating in fields as diverse as retail, healthcare, transportation, media, and energy. NewCos believe that work can be rewarding beyond a paycheck or profit – work can be a purposeful expression of both individual creativity as well as common purpose. [Taken from the website]
new company silicon valley

Read more about NewCo Festival New Company Festival-Official website

Coursetalk has been selected as one of the companies to showcase their unique story for NewCo festival 2015 organized at SF Bay Area (Silicon Valley) . The event at Couretalk was designed for participant to discover what the world’s largest set of reviews of online courses reveals about online education and the social experience of learning.

View the discussion about the future of online education here.

I got opportunity to present my ‘Zero Cost MBA’ project in this event. Unfortunately, the technical error prevented my presentation at the designated day. I have discussed my work later in a separate Google Hangout with Coursetalk team.


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