Poetic debate at Let Poetry Be!

Though I have been writing lately on different issues (Chinese culture, online education, my self designed global manager project), writing poetry has been long pending dues. Apart from this, I have also been presenting self written stories at Bangalore Storytelling Society meet-ups but presenting poetry has been long pending due.

I have attended past 2-3 meet-ups of ‘Let Poetry Be’ and found many different kind of poets on varying themes.For the third time, I have decided to take time and pen down my creative thought to become an active participant. You will see my work as you go through this write-up.

Event title Vers-Spar-a-debate
Theme Topics for the debate are the following…

* Office Spouse- Their need is real
* Extra Virgin- Virginity counts
* Religion- Cohesive or divisive
* Censorship- Can make or break life
* Age Limits- Just a number or a limiting line

The work has to be done in the team of 2 and I was fortunate to find good team while working on the narratives of the two poems. The event witnessed entry of total 10 teams on different themes as mentioned above as well as recitation from the Chief guest Kathryn Hummel.

About the Chief guest of the event
Kathryn Hummel writes non-fiction, fiction and poetry, often combined with her photography for digital performance. Her diverse work has been published throughout Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Eastern, Western and Southern Asia; she has lived in Australia, India and Bangladesh, where her PhD research in narrative ethnography, drawing on memory and conversations with women, was based. A former Cafe Poet (Australian Poetry) and Forever Now resident (APHIDS and Vitalstatistix), Kathryn was nominated for the 2013 Pushcart Prize and in the same year, won the Dorothy Porter Award for Poetry at the Melbourne Lord Mayor’s Creative Writing Awards. ‘Poems from Here’, Kathryn’s debut verse collection, is published by the Walleah Press. You can read more about her here.

    My participation

Poetry 1
Team Tarundeep Kaur, Ankit Khandelwal

It involves debate among a father and her daughter. She does not want to get married and like to live life in her own terms. Her father is worried of her age and unable to understand her refusal to settle down. In this poetry a loving father tries to convince her daughter and her daughter in reply try to convince her father to accept each others view. I have written point of the view of the father (marked in italic) and Traundeep written point of view of the aging daughter. The poem can be seen here

Poetry 2
Team Nivedita Dutta, Ankit Khandelwal
It is in English and it a debate among two colleagues. One of them wants to take their professional relationship to a next level while others opposes it. One talks about desire while others talk about responsibilities. It ends with both agree to keep work life out of personal life. Nivedita (marked in italic) written about the part of lady who wanted to take friendship to the next level whereas I have written part of the person resisting this. The poem can be read here

Disclaimer This work is purely based on imagination of the two authors, it may or may not coincide with real life situation.

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