Honor by Danmarks Tekniske Universität (Technical University of Denmark)


Although, it has been more than 2 years since I have been graduated, the lessons learn during my master students at Technical University of Denmark are still fresh in my mind. The freedom of self-choosing the courses and open minded discussion with your coordinator still resonates in my memories. Studying in DTU also developed my international mindset, enhanced ability to work in team, renewed interest in analytic thinking and the provided me network of very good international friends. Staying with native Danish people and understanding their culture (though difficulties) helped me later to develop methodology of becoming more cultural sensitive. Attending European Parliament Open Days, Participating in Young Environmentalist Summit and many other activities made me to realize my potential to understand complexities and interest in solving them.

This all formed the basis of my ‘Envisioning 21st century global manager’ project. A program where I have merged my interest, aspiration, acquired soft-skills over the years and mixed with my imagination to envision future. This outcome was self-designed path of becoming a global manager. Though, fulfilling it required me to even ignored the traditional educational methods, but I have build my entire project on the Danish educational theme,’Think, Play and Participate’ to get good outcome.

DTU Alumni_Hall of fame_2014

Thank you for honoring my work, Technical University of Denmark and displaying my name on Alumni Page. It is an honor to be listed along with many other alumni who have tried to make impact in their surroundings keeping the DTU motto, ‘Det vild ti nød’.

Thank you DTU!

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