Storytelling: A powerful tool in conveying your message

Stories are powerful medium to display ancient traditions, passing cultural heritage to newer generations or inspiring the listeners. Have you ever fallen so deeply by a fantasy stories? Got inspired by any fiction stories? Like Harry Potter? Story telling has always been an art cherished by our forefathers but losing its charm with the easy access of children shows on television and ever busy parents. Not just for personal nourishment, stories today are given credit in management, leadership and other form of communications.

At Bangalore Story Telling Society Meet-up group, we meet once in a month and share our stories on a particular theme. We recite, laugh and discuss about the usage of this powerful concepts in communication. The event is open for everyone who can imagine, who can present it a interesting manner and entertain every member present in the event. The society has been founded by professional storytellers to preserve true root and igniting curiosity to dive deep into the world of fantasy. Everyone is welcome to share and amateurs are given special preferences. Story telling is an art and new people gets suggestion for improvements from experienced one. But above all, the 3 hours Meet-up gives relaxation to mind, something to cheer and dive deep into a totally new world. Please try this on your own!

I was pursing self-designed, ‘Envisioning 21st century global manager’ project and was staying in Bangalore from past few months to finish the last phase of this program. I have joined this Meet up group, just to spend some quality time and learn from others. Every once in a month, I get to know something about love, emotions, inspiration, leadership through the story tellers. Not just listening, I also got opportunities to present my own stories. Bangalore Story telling society became one of the best places for many people like me to get creative, fall into imagination and cross the line to dive deep into a world, we can just dream of. It has helped me improving my public speaking skills, connecting more with the audience and what more? Provided me ability to meet some like minded imaginative people.
So if you are happen to be in Bangalore, come to this Meet-up and if you are not in Bangalore than start a story telling group in your own neighborhood to witness the power of stories.

Bangalore Story Telling Society: Meetup Group page
Bangalore Storytelling Society: Meetup (Facebook Page)


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