Smile: Closest distance between the two people – 1

Time: A wonderful evening in Mar, 2013

I was staying in Whitefield, Bangalore. My favorite hang-out time during evening were either walking till nearby Forum Value Mall or visiting Just books to read books or magazines. One evening, I have decided to give myself a treat for completing one of my online courses successfully.

Arriving at Forum Value Well added lot of confusion. What to eat? There has been many choices available but going through them will not be liked by my empty stomach. I looked at KFC at the ground floor and thought, why not?
Not a keen follower of fast food, I always had a fixed menu on eating something on these outlets. Potato Crisper was the only thing lured me at this outlet. Entered into the nicely designed place and a person looked me with smile. Generally, majority of the Indian staff in fast food started to speak fast English to make our choices leaving me in so much illusion. This man who was standing on the other side of counter with computer machine did not say anything.

Much to my confusion, he showed me the menu card and moved his eyes in a way telling me to choose things from them. It took me half a minute to realize, that this person could not speak. That’s fine, I have asked him, How much is the potato crisper?? Along with a small hand movement showing sign of how much. He smiled again and directed me towards a big board displaying all the prices. Not sure, he was also not able to speak but that did not make this entire conversation inconvenient.

Next 5 minutes were full of smile & gestures using hand, face and eyes in ordering two potato crisper. I have shown 2 through my fingers, and then demonstrated potato crisper on the menu card. I used the head to say ‘No’ for cold drinks in the order.
I think smile & patience worked to close the communication gap in our conversation. It has just simplified the natural barrier existed between us. Have you also experienced something like this? Please share with others or with me.

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