Power of Sneezing!!!

‘Ah….. Chi’..  This is generally the sound you can hear and than a formal apology many time (if person cares to apologize) ‘Sorry’.  You do not need to try to enact it, but in general this is one form of human activity which works completely independent of Race, Color, Ethnicity & Nationality. No matter where you are or who you are? Everybody tend to sneeze with a similar tone.

Do not start sneezing, as that is not the point of this blog post. Just think a little different, have you ever tried to realize how much energy gets released when you jump on the floor? Not much, but few years back in the line few scientist created a simulated Earthquake of low intensity. People just need to jump from top to down. It was just an model to utilize energy of every human being. Let me present one more model:

Velocity of one sneeze: 40 – 165 Mph(miles per hour), taking around 20 gm of matter with it in this process.

Let’s take around 200 patients in one area and assume everyone sneeze at the same time. If you have any ideas of how one wave add to another and results in a very high forces, then you may sense what I am talking about. Further, if we are able to confined a large quantity of people in single place, then the force it will unleash will be able to drive a windmill? or able to create a powerful air wave? who knows.

Many times people sneeze twice or thrice in succession. Such efforts can create a high energy wave enough to drive a small scale windmill on a continuous basis? How?

There can be many ‘if’s’ in this vague idea, but let’s go through the UN report which highlighted that more than 50% of the human population will leave in the cities by the year 2050.  Sad to see that number of people suffering cold related illness are also increasing with a constant rate. Now, in future a big city can have around 1-5% of the population suffering from cold and regularly sneezes. If we can somehow utilize this unstoppable human behavior in a proper way, then this can act as a powerful source of sustainable energy generation. Think of it?

So, when next time someone sneezes, then you know, what exactly ‘Bless You’ means!

Health tip:

Never try to suppress your sneeze, the counter effect may be unhealthy.


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