Envisioning 21st century marketing: Thanks to ‘An Introduction to Marketing’ course

An introduction to marketing

Previous experiences with marketing

Marketing was never a new thing for me. Be it promoting event at university, or working on press release for conferences or approaching universities in 50 countries for a worldwide competition organized by Technical University of Denmark. I went on using different channels (social/traditional) media to promote my nomination and eventually winning 5th best exchange blog award in the world in 2012.
Zero Cost MBA(Global Manager for 21st Century): Need to understand systematic way of marketing
But all this was mostly on smaller scale with not much formal approach involved in any of these past works. It is not possible to put a good strategic plan on marketing without proper quantification. Perception is a key to marketing and putting a good number based on marketing research can help any organization to make good decisions. As part of my ‘Envisioning 21st century global manager’ project, I was looking forward to expand my knowledge in Marketing in slightly systematic manner. My objective was also to understand some of key terminologies of marketing, so that I can present my ideas to people across different cultures in future.
How I came to this course?
I have studied, ‘An Introduction to Operations Management’ in 2012 and taking many online course to finish my project. I have read the news about foundation courses announced by Wharton Business School and I liked ‘An Introduction to Marketing’ as an interesting course and decided to enroll for it. Through, I have faced some problems due to my internet connection in downloading lectures, I have finished this course successfully.

Experiences with the course

  • Video lectures:
  • All the 3 lectures were very amazing in listing the theoretical concepts with real life examples. They also talked about what can be right and what is not right. Through this course, I got to know what is customer centricity, importance of brand name, choosing tag lines, marketing strategies and how to measure the impact of branding exercise. In fact Chris has also become my good friend in the last week. Chris is the name Prof. Fader used in the last three weeks of this course as an example to display the concepts. The case study with quetchi, was well rewarding. Understanding the customer eccentricity was key in quantifying the theoretical information into numbers and making an easier approach towards making decisions.

  • Discussion forums:
  • Discussion forums were great help in engaging on discussion about marketing with many of the participants around the world. Many of the people, entrepreneurs asked for others help in improving their brand visibility. Through this course was 10 week long, the participation in discussion forum never exhausted and there was always something to learn.

  • Quizzes:
  • They were not that difficult to attempt , especially after listening to most of the video lectures.
    Further takeaway
    As part of my ‘Zero Cost MBA(Global Manager for 21st Century)’ project, one of the interdisciplinary aspects I have studied was ‘Urban Planning’. This was because majority of the population will reside in big cities in future. Through this course, I got good overview of the city design, related frameworks and lot of creative ideas to solve problems. Later, I have mixed the course knowledge of marketing with urban planning to create a self-initiated study on ‘Marketing in Megacities’ .

  • Data analysis:
  • From the last few weeks of lectures, I got to know more about importance of Data analysis in decision making. I have gathered more information about Data analysis and included this later in my project.

    ‘Zero Cost MBA(Global Manager for 21st Century)’ project: Role played by this course
    This course along with other courses taken at MIT OpenCourseWare, OCWC(Open Course Ware Consortium), OYC (Open Yale Courses), OLI-CMU (Open Learning Initiative-Carnegie Mellon University), Organizations (WTO, Copenhagen Business Center) as well as on MOOC platforms (Alison, Coursera, edX, NovoEd, Open2study) became part of my ‘Envisioning 21st century global manager’ project. It was my own invented program, drafted after careful analysis of my interests, future market trends & required skill set to become a global manager/leader of 21st century. From May 2012- June 2014, this was my full time work, where I have taken 20+ courses from different universities (general management as well as interdisciplinary disciplines like trade negotiations, urban planning, public policy, functioning of non-governmental organizations and EU, environmental law, design thinking and disaster preparedness), tried to self-learn 3 foreign languages and extensively studied newspaper from 8 different parts of the world to know business/political updates around the globe. I have tried to expand my outreach by reaching every corner of the world through projects, study of the regions or through expansion of networks. Equally important was my study of different cultures to prepare myself for negotiating/working in the multicultural environment.

    Thank you Prof. David Bell, Prof. Barbara E. Kahn and Prof. Peter Fader to help me exceeding my own expectations, to reinvent myself and providing quality education even when I was sitting more than 10,000 miles away from your location. I will be eagerly looking forward meet each of the course team members and personally thank them for providing quality education and raising the bar of my professional & personal qualifications. Thank you very much!!

    Greetings from India!

    Ankit Khandelwal

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