Improving Competitiveness of Eastern Europe(20 Countries, 181 Million People, 1 Strategy)

Photo credit: Challenge the future

Photo credit: Challenge the future

Organizer Challenge the Future
Duration Jan 2013- May 2013

Team members Ankit Khandelwal (India), Shtefi Mladenovska(Macedonia)
About the competition and our entry

This competition was organized by Challenge the Future, a youth think tank based in Slovenia. Considering the deterioating situation in Eastern Europe with so many countries still struggling to get out of the post-soviet trauma, this competition aimed to improve competitiveness of this region.

This three step process involved selection of idea and then involvement of many other things to reach the quarter finals. Criterion for winning were viewers vote (50%) as well as judges evaluation. We have worked hard extensively involving conducting interviews using the LinkedIn groups, as well as doing in depth analysis of the Eastern Europe. We used data set from World Bank as well as from Eurostat to identify what could be the opportunities to improve the economic situation in the country. We have also taken into consideration of political development in the region, especially the inclusion of Croatia in European Union and trade talks. Romania, Poland and Bulgaria were already in the European Union.

Each country was individually studied in detail and key improvement areas were identified.

We have successfully cleared first round to reach pre-final round. But, could not advance in the final round.

This event gave us a great skill of developing many things. We have set up our own consunltancy firm on the name of ‘Sunflower consultancy’ and presented growth & business plan for it.

More details will be updated soon
Eastern Europe, widely looked as the former soviet territory has undergone tremendous change since it has got independence. Some regions have experienced growth but still large potential is untapped. With Romania & Poland already regarded as ‘China of Europe’, Lithuania & Estonia as future IT hub, Balkan states as future EU members, and other countries investing in renewable energy and human resources, this region is gearing up to rewrite history. Many challenges ahead, but even more strategies and ambitions. Read our recommendation to know how this region can be transformed in one of the most competitive places in the world.

First round presentation

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