Integrated Data Intelligence: Developing a seamless flow of information throughout the plant

1. Phil Besley
President & COO Durez Corporation
General Manager Sumitomo Bakellite, North America
2. John Harrison
Senior solution specialist, SAP Americas
3. Kimberly Reid
Vice President, Hitachi Consulting

Webinar experience
In this webinar, the three speakers highlighted some of the problems in current flow of information. The current information is lacking in the areas of connecting with every operator in the plant.

Some of the key manufacturing challenges which forced optimization in the manufacturing world are:
– Most of the process is paper based lacking real time visibility
– Challenges with the manual data entry
– Supervisors lacked the real time visibility
– Limited visit of the executives and they have lot of areas to cover.
– Lack of integration (testing to process things)

Manufacturing solution scope:
– Process order & manufacturing (quality management)
– Sales & distribution
– The consumption has been monitored effectively
– SAP system can become part of the solution.

At the end, speakers highlighted the key challenges and few of the lessons they like to share with the listeners:
– Think from cradle to grave without planning, order filling, order volume.
– Production & other teams need to work together.
– What you want to see on the screen should be reflected in the implementation, training teams also.

The webinar description is written based on the notes taken during the webinar. They may not reflect the perfect view points of the speakers.

Read more: – Magazine

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