Competition Designer(Case Study/Task Design): European Best Engineering Competition

My roles: Case Developer | Competition Task Designer
Duration November 2009 – April 2012

European best Engineering Competition [EBEC] is the biggest engineering contest in Europe with 3 levels,26 countries, 80 leading technical universities and 5000 participants.The competition is organized at local, regional as well as European level in different stages. Read more here

EBEC(European BEST Engineering Competition) is the largest engineering competition in7 Europe. With EBEC Project BEST aims to develop participants skills thus not only theoretical knowledge also their practical knowledge which will help them to tackle problems which humanity faces each day. Project brings together students, universities,companies and NGOs (Non-governmental organizations). Teams of 4 students fromtechnology field compete in two categories: Case study and Team

Design. Teams competeat regional, national and then finally at European level held throughout the years across

Europe by different BEST(Board of European Students of Technology) groups.In

co-ordination with other team members, sponsored companies and social organization,I have prepared cases for local(2009), regional(2010,2012)) and European (2010) level.

Important cases prepared by me included ‘BP Oil Spill’, ‘Traffic Management in Mumbai’,

‘Waste Management Plan of New Delhi’ and ‘Regulation of Arctic Sea Trade’.


My associations
member,local level competition, Copenhagen (November 2009)
– team leader, scandinavian(nordic) level competition , Copenhagen (March 2010)
– team member, European level competition, Cluj Napoca (August 2010)
– team member, nordic level competition, Stockholm (February 2012)

Summary of my associations

Need more information about case studies? The case studies are my(my team mates)private work. Please drop an e-mail to have access to them clearly explaining the reasons.

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