Weave the Future!

Marzotto group

Competition description
This competition has been organized by Marzotto Group. As given in the competition brochure, Marzotto group is looking for 25 talented recent graduate to act as think tanks on what could be the next 25 years of the group and textile industry in general.
: Read more about the competition Call for the Weave the Future Contest
Organized by Marzoto Group, Italy.

The first stage of the competition was submission of CV. Out hundreds of CV’s, they have selected 50 participants for the second stage. In the second stage, each of the participants have to make a 3 minute video describing
– Who you are: we’ll need your first name and surname (but not other personal details which you’ve already given us on the form and in your CV)
– Why you love Italy and STILE ITALIA
– Why you want to participate in this project

Based on the video result, 25 participants will be chosen and invited for a 7 day trip by Marzotto group in Italy.

Competition entry video: 2nd round

Outcome: Qualified the first round to be included among top 50 out of hundreds of other candidates applied for this competition. But I did not qualify to be among top 25.

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