Post Election Night: Elections in Denmark

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Event description

With the elections looming in Denmark, there was necessary to know more about Denmark. By this time, I was very engaged in day to day life of Denmark. Whether it is economic, culture or social matter.
New elections were going to be organized in Denmark. Talking with my Danish colleguages, I was already witnessing lot of information about this new event. Though, I have witnessed a lot of elections so far, but this was something special. Compared to India, parties in Europe work in different way. Not just me, for many of the expat people living in Denmark. Having already visited Danish Parliament 3 times, I was very excited to know more about the decision making process.

Copenhagen Volunteers has organized a session about elections in Denmark to understand more about the functioning of government, views of different parties. In the event, representative from various parties were present to give some of the common questions asked by expats living in Denmark. As elections were already over, there has been speculations about changes in immigration policies and making Denmark more friendly to the expats.

The Danish Political System and ideology are very much similar to other nations. So understanding one system, makes it easier to know other systems. It also helps to understand European Parliamentarily System.

Read the presentation, courtesy: Copenhagen Volunteers

Aftermath of the event
Although elections were over, I spent lot of time later to understand political manifestos of different parties.

Copenhagen Volunteers – Homepage

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