Solvent Based Organic Synthesis – Master Thesis


Duration September 2010- August 2011
Project supervisor Poul Steen Hansen (Cheminova A/S), Prof. Rafiqul Gani (Department of Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark)

CAPEC(Computer Aided Process Engineering Centre) is the research group in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Technical University of Denmark.

My master thesis was done in the area of Product and Process Modeling.In the Industrial case provided by Cheminova A/S, a chemical process was generating large amount of undesired compound. I have modeled the process in the simulation software, identified the bottleneck and suggested alternative schemes. Alternative schemes were suggested in check with the financial constraints.

As part of the master thesis, I worked on the separation process analysis for Cheminova A/S. I have learnt the methods of mathematical modeling, identified the bottlenecks and modifying the process as per the requirements taking financial aspects into consideration.However, the project was not able to yield the financial scheme suitable to replace the existing process.

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