CDIO Academy-Rethink city contest


  • Designation
  • Team Leader/ Project Team Member

  • Project duration
  • December 2010- June 2011
    Other project members Ankit Khandelwal, Georgi Yankov, Rasmus Davidsen, Mette Lendal, Jesper Bøgh Petersen, Aracelli Miranda, Fernanda Monadori, Søren Salomo

    – The contest was organized in parallel with the CDIO conference at Technical University of Denmark.
    – First phase of the contest include promotion among all top technical universities across the globe. My target area was Asia- Pacific. I have approached 100 universities in 50 countries to spread the word about this competition.
    – Second phase include online trading of ideas.
    – Third phase include selection of best ideas and 4 days camp at Technical university of Denmark. During the camp, my task was to coordinate entire organizing work related to the students along with other team members.

    Read more about this camp: how innovation camp at DTU help in nourishing ideas about future cities

    >> 7th International CDIO Conference at Technical University of Denmark
    >> Rethink City Challenge
    >> 4 days innovation camp at Rethink City Challenge

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