Beat the Elite Case Competition

CBS Case competition

Each year Copenhagen Business School organizes case competition with participants from many different business school. Beat the Elite Competition allows students from Nordic region (non-business participant) to take part in it. Beat the elite is 24 hour case competition, with a 4 member team. Each year, many different teams take part in it and check their business competencies checking for the ideas.


In 2011, I got to know about this event while eating my lunch at DTU cafeteria. I have been involved in preparing cases for some time in European Best Engineering competition. Solving a case, involving real business world challenge within 24 hours made this competition very attractive to me. Spending just 24 hours would not do any harm to my other engagements.

Through Facebook, I have found my team mates. I participated in 1 workshop to understand more about the cases and when the day arrived (02.03.2011), we all were ready to go.

Team member: Ankit Khandelwal, Philip Overgaard Andersen, Anne Sophie Scavenius , Stine Vejen Toft

The case was based on textile giant H&M which was looking for sustainable and
high-impact strategic initiatives that will allow them to grow while keeping their business as simple as possible

Read the case here

Our entry

CBS case competition

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