Dark Color Obsession- A Scientific Side!!

Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

If you are a lover of fashion and clothing then you might get some interesting experience which I observed during my stay in Denmark.

I do not consider myself a very knowledgeable person in the textile industry or fashion trends. But at least I can see some differences which I am going to describe in the following paragraphs.

Living here from a long time, I found that most of the people here prefer dark color clothes especially Black color are very much common.  For me, black color is a no go as it is somehow not popular from the place where I come from.  There are various reasons for its unpopularity but I thought in a bit scientific way to get some better logic behind this trend.

It is a very well-known fact; dark color radiate more light , reflecting less compare to white colors. So it can be said that Black color will reflect less incident light thus absorbing most of it. This absorb light increases the energy level of the item resulting in rise of temperature. For the very same reason, Astronauts do not wear dark color space suits, they wear quite light color (White)suits since light colors are good in reflecting and bad in radiating.

Talking about Denmark, during winter mercury goes down to few minus. Even during the other seasons of year(leave summer) temperature is always in a moderate range. So no surprises, that dark color is quite popular. The reason is very simple, to keep your body as warm as possible during the low temperature.

Looking at the place I come from, where mercury rises upto  45+ C during the peak summer time, it is no doubt why black color is not at all popular. The winter at my place is not so cold, removing all the other possibilities of making it popular. There are various other stories for its unpopularity, but for me it seems more logical.

This is just a very strange explanation of my understanding about so much black clothing I witnessed in Denmark. It might be true for other places of this planet also, but for now I can just talk about Denmark since I spent considerable amount of time here.

So if you are someone who in love light color clothes, then coming to Denmark might bring some surprises.

(Dark Color Obsession- A Scientific Side!!, in Denmark.Dk, published on 25-01-2012)

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