Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre

No, No, No Dont make a mistake to think that I started learning French(Althogh I am kind of language phreak :p). It is a name of closest metro station in Paris reguired to visit famous Louvre Museum(I visited to see Monalisa 🙂 but later admired all the beautiful works displayed over ther).

So it was our first day in Paris and our group was splitted into two by now.( A long story, may be I need another post in future to explain it). I was staying in ‘Peace and Leave Hostel somewhere in east-north Paris’ and other mates are staying near to La Defense(In Western Part of Paris).

DAY 5(23.12.2009) PARIS Day 1

It was 18.30 and it was already dark in Paris(Since it was winter time). I was in hostel and jut spotted an Indian Shop outside.But wait, I was getting list for Louvre Museum ( located some 20 km from my hostel) and required to change 3 trains continunouslyto reach on time when my other friends would have reached or about to reach Museum.

So I started my journey again(Its third time in first day in Paris that I was using Paris Metro). Paris transportation system(especially metro) looked very strange to me( When I tried to enter first time inside station,train etc) as compared to one in Copenhagen. But it was cheaper( I will explain you reason behind it later) , effective and very fast way of reaching places. All that you need a map and some knowledge in understanding it and rest everything will be fine.

So after changing three METRO Trains, I reached Museum. Well,its first impression to me was like a royal place( which came out to be true at later stage,read wikipedia). Entrance  to it shaped like a pyramid which is made of glass and to buy visiting ticket, it is regquired to go in basement. It was quite dark outside and Iwas tired but excited to see Few World Famous Paintings( To visit Louvre Completely even weeks are not sufficients, since it is so big to be discovered within few hours of time).

Louvre Museum(Some General Facts):

  • One of the world’s largest, most visited museum and a historic monument.
  • Near 35,000 objects from prehistory to 19th century were exhibited over there.
  • As of 2008, the collection is divided among eight curatorial departments: Egyptian antiquities,Near Eastern aniquities,greek,etruscan and Roman antiquities, Islamic art, Sculpture,decorative arts,paintings ,drawings.

For more details you can look on: ( Official website of Museum)

So, Here I was standing right in front of Louvre Museum Entrance( Called as Pyramid). Grab a quick look on it from the following pictures:

Free Entrance to Louvre Museum:

Well, I was quite surprise to see ticket price( Not much in Euro but too high on converting it into DKK). It was 19.30(7.30) and I was quite sure not able to see anything even if I buy ticket and start visiting gallaries. I asked to one of the reception desk about getting tickets, she asked soemthing about age proof and if I am a student(I guess, I still look a bachelor student :)). I said yes I am a student and running under 24. 🙂 . I told her that louvre will close at 21.30 today(generally it closes at 17.30 except wednesday) so anyway “I will come some another day to visit, So how much will be the price of a ticket?” She said, “If I am studying European Union and Below 26 then its free of cost to visit louvre museum, no matter you visit today or tomorrow”. My other friends had to pay money  becasue of their upper age .  I was happy after saving 9 europs.

So I got freedom to roam in louvre :). But My first priority  to visit World Famous Painting Monalisa( I guess it will be priority of even you :)).I was eagerly waiting to see this famous painting and took shortest route (using guided map) to reach the place, where it was located.

I rushed to place and wow!! I saw Monalisa but wait a Minute……..>>>

Why is it looking so small? Why it is  behind glass?? Why there is fencing all round it?  You will get same questions when you look on the following pictures.

Later, I asked one of the security Guard for reason behind such sepcial arrangement only for MONALISA(Luckily he did not misunderstand me), he gave following reasons from the safety point of view:

  • Bullet Proof Glass prevents it from( Do I need to tell from whom?)
  • Glass also protect by minimizing incident light on painting.
  • Generally People are not allowed to use flash inside Louvre Museum so as to protect paintings, same applies here but not all the people follow guidelines of museum, so authorities restricted entry point to 10 m( Or may be more, it was just my guess) for general people.

Even after such obstacles, this rare piece of art looks extremely beautiful . But I was questioned by Phuong about Leonardo da Vinci and his few famous works. My good friend Trung already told Phoung about my deep knowledge and interestes in Vinci’s works:). I had no idea how much knowledge did I transfer to her, but still gave her some answers.

It was 8.45 pm(20.45 hrs) and this great museum was going to be closed soon for that day. So we took some walk in the neighbouring corridors to visit some other world famous artist paintings( I dont remember their names now :), may be on Museum Website it will be mentioned in more detail).

You need much more time to visit whole Louvre in Detail. To do so,you must be either an art student or must be passionate enough to understand those rare pieces of Art. Not everyone can understand what exactly is the meanings behind such Paintings( Since it is just an imagination artist reflecting through colors or beautifully carved stones). That is the reason why no one was able to judge the reason ‘MONALISA’s SMILE’  perfectly so far, even after trying from so many decades.


A space constraints in this blog is forcing me to just upload carefully chosen selected photos. I will upload them letter on my flickr account :)( You need to wait till that time)

Exit From Louvre

So we finally came out of this beautiful Museum, but I felt more excited after looking Pyramid(Entrance) and view of buildings lighten up  ( It was night :).

So, now it was time for us to split up again to go back  our resting places after taking dinner.  I had to go to my ‘Love and Peace Hostel’ while my other friends had to go their place. Since there was only one map with us that too I was holding, we were forced to use Mobile Phone light to find out way for others to return back their places 🙂

Later, Few Strange things happend in my return journey, but I will reveal them in my next post.

Enjoy reading and keep writing  your comments and suggestions.

Next Time: Cathedral de notre dome,Paris

Future( After This Travel Series): ‘Caves-The Definitive Look at the History of Our Planet’

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