Bonjour(Hello) Paris!!!

23.12.2009(TRIP DAY: 5)

Finally, after spening and enjoying 2 days in Praha, the emotional moment(:P 😛 :P) came when we were in position  to say good bye to this beautiful,Romantic(As described by many people) and cool ( Very cool at least in winter) city PRAHA(Written as Prague also).

Next on our radar was Paris(So called City of love especially made for Couples, but I was going alone :P)

Marathon Run to Catch The Flight AT PRAHA

We all guys were so lazy to woke up very early, so there was danger to miss flight when we started from Chilli Hostel. We reached somehow the  nearest station to catch bus to Airport but last bus has just passed away once we reached there.

We had no other choice except waiting for next bus( 30 minutes more), it was 8.05 and flight has got schedule departure on 9.45. As a general rule, check in counter will close around 9.00 A.M.(approximately 40 minutes before schedule departure) and we had no clue how much time, this upcoming bus will take to reach AIRPORT.

We took our breakfast while waiting for bus and threw remaining  unused stuff in dustbin to get rid of unncessary luggage. Finally the bus arrived at 8.30 AM. It reached near to Airport around 8.50 Am( but we havent reached terminal).

Phuong was slightly stressed with idea of missing flight and it was clearly visible on her face( I dont have snaps to prove this), showing her watch she whispered ” 2 minutes and check in counter will be closed”. I said no probes :)( What else I supposed to reply??)

Now, there was another confusion before getting down from the bus. There were 2 terminals, of which one is for flight operating outside European Union and second one is for flight operating within Eueopean Union. We had to got down at later one. There was a tape playing at each halt in the way but we were not able to here it properly before the arrival of first terminal.Somehow after 5 minutes conversation with driver, he played tape again( which was in english and helped us to decide our designated terminal).


‘Unbelivable’ was the comment at check in desk whichwas closed by the time we reach there ( after running approximately 500 m non stop with our luggage:). We had to request them to and luckily we were not alone in it  ( around 5 more people stand behind us making it a big que). After getting our boarding passess, we ran to reach GATE.

But wait a minute, we had to undergo through Security Checks (Most time consuming process in many cases). I enjoyed walking with my heavy shoes in snow but, I was told to remove them and put under x ray scanner belt. 🙂 Finally, it was done and we made our last run to reach GATE just to discover.

‘FLIGHT TO PARIS(BEUVAIS) IS DEALYED BY 30 MINUTES’. hfffffffffffffffffff( We all took a deep breath reading after this). It was 9.25 am( I guess).

We took some rest and then boarded this 30 minute delayed flight once again operated by WIZZ AIR( Already I wrote a lot about it).


For readers information, there are three airports in Paris located very far from each other( May be from CITY Also). One in north( as per the Paris Transportation System Map), one in south and third one is located extreme north around 80 Km from City Centre. The one in north is called Charls de guille , one in southern part known as Orly and located Far is Beauvais( Attractive Destination to Low Cost Airline), Can you now make an intelligent guess now to decide our landing airport??

It was very cloudy with snow everywhere when our plane landed around 13.30 hrs.  After coming out of plane, I realized why it was preffred destination by low cost airlines, may be due to:

  • No special arrangement like buses or elevator to reach directly to terminal. You need to walk with your luggage till outside like a train station.
  • Very small airport with not so many facilities( No sign board, you can get lost easily while coming out).

Anyway, this Airpot is located quite far from city and during our research we did not find any convenient and suitable transportation to reach city. There is an airport bus which takes you to city centre at very nominal ( In fact very expensive) price of 14 euros with journy time takes around 90 minutes. We had no choice except taking this Airport Bus.

So, we took this bus and started  Jounrey towards our next Destination PORTE MAILLOT( Supposed to be Centre of City).

Lot of things happened later on that day, which you will see in my upcoming posts.

Keep reading and providing your valuble suggestions!!

Next Time: Palasis Royal Musse De Louvre

4 responses to “Bonjour(Hello) Paris!!!

  1. very detailed write-up, keep typing :). Actually the moment we were late at the check-in desk was the most panic one I got during the trip, really scary of losing money 😐


  2. Thanks 🙂 Now, you can say I got a good memory 🙂 Actually I was quite sure that flight will be delayed as I never saw flight on time especially with low cost airlines weather in India or in Europe.


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