PRAHA VISIT DAY 2(22.12.2009)

Time: 13.00 hrs.

Venue: Shopping Street, Just opposite to National Museam Praha

After visiting National Museum and spending some leisure time at Mcdonald( for lunch), we started walking towards the famous CLOCK TOWER of Praha. Before you read about our invasion to this great historic monument, let’s just brush up some facts about it(Everything is availble in Wikipedia too with more detailed description).

  • Officially it is called Prague Astronomical Clock or Prague Orloj, one of the major tourist attraction in Praha
  • It is mounted on the southern wall of OLD Town City Hall in the OLD Town Square .
  • Astronomical Clock contains three sections namely  astronomical dial,’The walk of Apostels’ and a calendar dial respresnting various things.

You can find its first look below captured from our lenses :).   Today we came with an agenda to reach the top of tower before it gets too dark making visibility practically zero.  We bought tickets and again again advantage of being an student( I guess they want to promote students to visit this place, but none of us students of some astronomy department). But i was happy to get ticket in half of the price(50 CZK) as compared to National Museum. Ha and Phuong( Two girls in our gang) were not comfortable with the idea of using to climb this 10 story building . However, they were told at ticket counter about an elevator used to take tourist to top floor. Should i need to describe how happy both of them must be feeling at that moment??


Buzz of Something Going to Happen

We came out of reception to take another route to climb. The whole street outside was crowded with everyone  looking towards sky :)( We used to look towards sky to spot flying planes or helicoptors during childhood days, but I guess none of those people were child 🙂 :. We also stood with them( became child :P) and then I relised its going to be 4 o clock. As I mentioned earlier, after completion of each hour a ceremoney happened to make it memorable.

It will be better click the following link( Video Courtery: Phuong) to get more realistic feeling of this.

After such royal welcome, I am sure each one of us will want to go inside and look what is going on? So, we entered without wasting time into main area. Entry to clock tower was throgh an adjacent building. We reached the top of this adjacent building and then there were 2 options, option A was to use stairs and option B ( used by tired,exhausted girls of my group) to use elevator.

Me and trung preferred to use stairs, though these are eleveated ramps used generally in hospitals( I dont rememebr any other place of use) completely different from typical stairs.



So now we have reached the top of clock tower. It was cold, windy and too much crowded. I remember concept of population density and somehow made this place as one of the most populated place of the world. There is nothing much to observe except looking around, however for readers I can briefly summarized main attractions of this tower.

  1. Traditionl Czeck Royal Family Costume was available on rent( I guess for 5 minutes , just a sufficient time to take few snaps:)). But it looks very beautiful.

2. People working as a guard were wearing traditional uniform and we convinced one of them to take a snap with us.

3. Prague Castle, Churuch ,street and outside everything around us was so gorgeious ( Dont have words to describe).

After spending plenty of time, we decided to come down( I still used stairs whereas trung joined the club of tired people and used elevator this time 😛 😛 😛 😛

But this was not the end of our Praha Trip, We still had famous Church Left to visit before leaving for Paris. So next time I will introduce you to this Church( Whose Name I dont remember exactly).

Next time:

– Christmas in Praha

– Bonjour Paris!!(Hello Paris!)

Keep reading and providing your valuable suggestions.

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